Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alittle to Rough

Well this is fun. I am currently locked up in my own apartment...under my own direction. And since I have nothing to really do I'll tell you why.

Well lets start with Sunday.
Early Sunday morning Zebb arrived at the ship and I briefed him on things that needed to get done. I explained to him that I was going on a short vacation, and he was to be in charge. However I didn't tell him WHY I needed to go. I spent the day doing what I normally do, and he watched or helped. I showed him around the entire ship and let him select his apartment/ quarters. I was surprised to see how well he caught on and got the hang of everything. He told me he had experience in this type of stuff. He apparently grew up in a resort type ship, his Mom was a housekeeper and he stayed with her on the ship. He got to be good friends with the captains son and hung out alot with his family. The captain was like the father he never had.

Well on with the story.
Monday was pretty much the same, but this time I let him do it all and I watched him....And his cute little butt..... Aaahhh sorry.
Well, very late Monday night I was in my apartment and I got a bad case the munchies. I went to my kitchen and realized I haven't stocked up on food yet. So I decided to take a stroll to the ships main kitchen. I remember Doug made some Bar B-Qed Scurrier for dinner that night and figured there may be some leftovers. I entered the kitchen and Zebb was in there. I asked him what he was doing up so late. He said he couldn't sleep and thought he would go over some paper work. He asked me if I wanted some coffee. I said no thanks, but that I wanted something to eat. I walked over to the fridge and this strange feeling came over me...I can't explain it. I asked Zebb if he had a girlfriend, but it wasn't really me saying it... well it was. I remember thinking it, and it just came out.

Zebb gave me a sad look, but answer that he didn't. As I opened the fridge he went on explaining how they broke up not that long ago. And how he still had feelings for her and how he was going to ask her to marry him...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH. I kind of drowned him out at that moment.

I continued to look through the fridge and found some Bar B-Qed Scurrier. I was about to take a leg off the plate, when I spotted something even better: Raw Bantha steaks . I don't know why but I picked up a little chuck and popped it in my mouth. And surprisingly it was rather good...Alittle salty but good. So I grabbed an even bigger piece. I closed the fridge and realized Zebb was still talking. I munched on the raw meat and pretended to listen to him. Instead I was thinking some pretty naughty things about him and me.

I remember him saying something about how he liked it rough and she didn't.... And that's the last thing I remember... Untill I snapped out of it. I came back to myself and found myself on top of Zebb and drenched in water. Apparently my hormones took over , and I launched myself at Zebb. I pushed him off the chair and pinned him to the floor. I then proceeded to claw and bite him. One of the droids heard Zebb's cries and came to help. The droid dumped a bucket of water over me and that's when I came too.

I was so embarrassed. I jumped off him and tried to help him up. He pushed me away and told me to get away from him. I told him I was sorry and that I had a good explanation for my little out burst. But he took off running before I could say anything more. He stopped at the door way and said he was going to leave, that he didn't like this kind of abuse.

I was so upset, but what could I do. However Holg spied him hurrying back to his room and stopped him. I guess Holg talked to him and told him about my little problem. Zebb kind of understood because he came to my room (with Holg) and asked if was true. I told him it was. He thought I was trying to kill him or something.

He told me he would stay and help out with whatever that needed to get done. All I asked for was to be locked up in my apartment and have only droids serve me. I then asked him if he was ok...from the scratches and bites. He said he was fine. The scatches didn't cut through the skin and the bites drew some blood, but not much. As he said this he had alittle smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

I'll have to tell him later that I don't want to mate with the crew members. I also have to thank Holg. Well I might as well go. Maybe I'll catch up on some reading or something..

Ohh by the way since I'm stuck here in my apartment I will be sending out droids and spy probes to track down and watch my potential mates. They will be recording alot of data...well at least, hopefully alot of data.


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Uh... I guess it's not a bad thing that I didn't make the list.

Not my kind of party. Ouch!

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