Friday, October 28, 2005

Potential Mate.... Windu

My droids have been out spying...Ahhh.... Researching...Yea researching my potential mates. I have already gotten some feedback from the ones following Mace Windu. And I have been going over it all morning.

I don't really know why I had chosen him in the first place because...sad to say...he is hideous. I mean look at him, he is completely bald. I now know after studying the report, he thinks he SOOOO hot ....but he's not. At least to me, he's not. I like a guy with at least alittle hair.


After reading into the reports some more I find out he likes to shop, and not for normal guy things. He shops for things like those economy size tubes of moisturizer, alot of skin care products, and the same with shaving cream. And for some strange reason he likes the color purple.

My droids followed him to a nearby Wal-Mart. He went straight for the beauty section. He took every can of his favorite shaving cream off the shelf and put into his cart. He then went over to the skin care and nearly flipped out when he seen they were out of his favorite head wax. He started yelling at everyone and stormed up to the front desk and demanded they get more of his head wax. They said they were out, so he pulled out his light saber and threatened to kill the guy. The guy quickly called to the restocking area and found out that they had JUST gotten some in. So Windu apologized to the guy and went to the back and took a whole box of head wax. ....Talk about crazy.


Then after getting back to the temple he went straight to the bathroom. Anakin was in the shower and I guess Windu wasn't to happy with that and turned on the hot water in the sink. Anakin hollered and came flying out of the shower and was all upset he said something like,

"Yo Man, why you have to be so mean"... Or something like that...
And Windu said " You have been in there since I left to go shopping... Now get out!!!
"What ...can't I at least rise off my bod an spit."
"No... Now get out it's my turn"

Anakin came out of the bathroom all soapy mumbling something the recorder didn't pick up. My droid peaked in the bathroom and Windu freaked out,

"I said GET OUT" and he threw a can of saving cream at it, just as it snapped a picture.

Windu was in the bathroom for almost three hours. Doing what I don't know....But as a mental note Windu CAN NOT sing very well. My droid recorded him singing in the shower. The song I believe was "I'm So Pretty". I was starting to think this guy had some serious gender issues. Then I read he was dating this girl named Shaak Ti. So I guess he is just REALLY in touch with his feminine side.

So as it is Windu had failed my studied. Any guy who spends more the five minutes looking at himself in the mirror, is definitely not for me. Windu spends hours looking at the mirror and freaks out if ANYTHING is wrong with his head.


Which bring me to something I thought was funny that my droids had recorded.
Anakin was still upset with Windu, for throwing him out of the bathroom.

So Anakin walked up to him and said "Yo man, what is THAT" and pointed to the back of Windu's head.
"What is what" Said Windu reaching for the back of his head.
"It looks like a bug bite or sump'tin."
"A WHAT!!!" Windu screamed like a little girl and ran to the bathroom.
Anakin walked away laughing.

When Windu came out of the bathroom an hour later he looked really worrying, and had his hood up. He said something about calling the doctor in the morning.


So there you have it Windu: The hideous bald, girly man...At least to me he is.


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