Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Job

I'm back and the tour was pretty interesting. I was even offered a job. I will be a monitor for the unborn. I sit and monitor the machines that control the organs of the unborn. It's not my dream job but at least I can save some money before I go again. I have to admit the pay is great and I get a free apartment to stay in. It's not half as big as my ship but it's nice. And I can get most of my experiments in the spare room. So all is good.

I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong with my last experiment. All I can figure out is that I didn't wait long enough for it to settle, or maybe it needed more water. I'll have to work on it again tomorrow. Right now I should be filling out my application and other forms. But that won't take me very long to do. I don't know why I need to fill out the application, I'm already approved for the job. I guess they need it for their records.

You know I just realized that this will be my first job since the invasion on my planet . Which was about 100 years ago. Good luck finding my references .


I'm here at last. It's kind of a disappointment though, I was hoping Kamino would be beautiful. But it's completely covered in water. The city however is really nice and its people are very nice to me and treat me with respect. I have an appointment go see the cloning area in a few minutes. So I won't be here long, I just wanted to say I'm here and I can't wait to learn how they do their cloning. Who knows maybe I can improve on something.

I have to go, I hear a knock on my door. I'll let you know how my tour went.


I'm giving up for tonight. I have been trying to figure out what went wrong with last nights experiment . You see it turn out to be the wrong combination of chemicals or I measured them wrong. I have been working on it all day and I can't figure out what went wrong. I did however create a very strong glue. Possibly the strongest glue around. I happened to find that out the hard way. I accidentally got some on my fingers and they got glued together. And to make matters worse I got so mad I hit the table and my hand got stuck on the table. Luckily my hand detaches pretty easily and I have extra hands in my cabinet. So it was really no big deal-except now I have a hand glued to my table.

Ohhh well--- anyone in need of some super strong glue?

I do have good news tonight. After almost a week of posting on here and sending them into the Holo-Net. I managed to get some comments from other species in the area. It is good that at least someone is getting these and replying back. Maybe there is still hope of finding a place to call home. Which reminds me we are supposed to arrive at Kamino sometime tomorrow. I like to travel slow, so I don't miss nothing. I often find that meteors and other space junk, have a lot of interesting things about them. So I stop a lot and collect what ever is out there, and hay its free too. Maybe the missing ingredient I need for my experiment is in one of those rocks.

Well I got to go, I haven't had time to recharge for a few days and my power reserves are running low. I could however switch over to my undigested food, but I rather get some sleep. Maybe I will come up with the right mix for my tissue matter, on a refreshed body and brain.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Experiment #1

Hello I have only a few minutes to write this post.

I have finally got my ship cleaned. All the parts organized and in its own place. Right now though I'm in a middle of an experiment with my chemicals. If my schematics are right, I will have the right mixture to create a type of tissue matter to help create my heart and lungs for my dream droid. I really hope this works-it would be a break through in my medical knowledge. I've been studying every medical book I can find. Luckily all I have to do is read a book once and I have it basically memorized. This helps out a lot when I want to learn something fast. I have also been studying books on the local galaxies alien and human species. I really love to learn what makes them tick-if you know what I mean. Every species has its own type of body blueprint-as I like to call it.

Ohh I got to go the timer just went off . Wish me luck.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Leaving Tatooine

Ohhh it's nice to be off Tatooine.

I have finally got all the supplies I need and I'm off to find a new world. My ship looks kind of the a junk field right now. So much stuff just laying around that I had to shut my droids off so they don't start cleaning or breaking things.

I over heard some strange alien species talking about this planet called Kamino or something. And they said something about cloning going on there. I thought that this might be the perfect place to call home-- if they accept me that is. I managed to get the coordinates for this planet from a local trader on Tatooine. It seems he really liked the look of my Babble Berry pie I was carrying.

So right now I got my ship on auto pilot. That way I can clean up my ship and get all the stuff organized. Actually as I think of it, it looks more like a battle field then anything. There are arms, and legs, and body pieces everywhere. I have also managed to get some canisters and chemicals I think would help make my organic/ metal organs similar to the ones I have. I will just have to study the reactions between the mixtures and the outcome of them.

Ohhh I can't wait, but for now I'm cleaning and organizing. Then I'll have to fix the connections with this computer because its not staying connecting to the Holo-Net. Right now even as I type the little light is blinking. Well I got to go clean-sense I can't send this yet and I don't have much to say tonight.

Ohh come on Yaaaa it's working again....My mind is a powerful thing....SEND

Friday, August 26, 2005

Trip to Tatooine

I want to let you know I might not have time to post here the next couple days and I want to say sorry in advance. You see I plan on leaving Tatooine and continue my search for the perfect home. Before I go, I need to get some supplies for my experiments. I have to admit this is a great place to find almost anything. I got a couple more droids for cheap. True they need a bit of work, but that's what I love doing most -tinkering and fixing stuff maybe even making it better then it was before.

Anyway that's pretty much the only good thing about this planet. It's so dry and dusty and hot--even though the heat don't bother me that much. And its people ---man ---some are ok but most are pure mean. And those Hutts- they kind of remind me of the wood worms on my home planet but like 100 times bigger and talk.

I did happen to see a pod race today. It was kind of interesting until one pod crashed right in front of the crowd and I almost got hit by a chunk of metal. I left after that so I don't know who won. Then on my way back to my ship I got caught in a dust storm with only my hooded robe and a rock for protection. Now I have dirt in places I didn't know I had or could get dirt in.

Did I forget to mention I was almost attacked by those Sand People. Luckily I have a metal body that is indestructible. I think it almost startled them when they shot at me and it bounced back and nearly hit them instead. It deserves them right -all I want to do was get back to my ship and clean out all the dirt. And they attacked me for no apparent reason --but I guess that's the way they are. Maybe I was in there territory or to close the there camp or something.

But ohhh-well at least I'll be gone in a couple days. I hope I can find a place that I can call home. One that will accept me in there communities and won't be scared of me or treat me like a droid. Which is one thing I hate the most - being mistaken for a droid. That happened a couple times while on Tatooine, Ohh I was so mad I just could of done something....well bad. But I didn't- I would rather not make any enemies right now. I want beings to think of me as a friend who would rather have peace then war.

Well I got to go now. I need to get my supplies in order and make a list of what I need still. I also need to find some more stuff to trade since I don't have any of the local money yet.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Picture

I want to say sorry about last night. Talking about my past is kind of hard for me. I know the post seems kind of blunt and not really detailed, but maybe I'll explain a little at time--in the future.

Right now I'm still a little sad so I won't be telling any stories of my past tonight .

Instead I will be telling you what happened today:
Well I went back down to Tatooine to get some new droid parts and a new lab table. Maybe this time I will put the same metal sheeting that's on the floor on the table too. So that way there will be no more holes being burnt through it. When I got back to my ship with my table and droid parts. The droids had a surprise for me: They had made my favorite dinner, roast hucktin and mashed ringar and for desert they had made babble berry pie. It was their way of saying sorry for all the mishaps the past few weeks. I really loved the meal---even tho it's not really necessary that I eat. Normally I just charge myself up but I can eat --which also helps with my charging if I'm away from my bed chamber. I can sleep too ---so I can charge myself up a few different ways. I can also regulate what source I'm using it from, and when I eat I can stall digestion until I need to use it. Meaning if I eat one good meal and a few weeks latter I on my own with no food and running low on my power reserves, I can switch over to the food still in my stomach.

Cool huh!!!

Well one other thing before I go. I had reprogrammed one of my protocol droids to --well learn art. He's still learning and will get better with time. But anyway he drew that "picture" of me today and wanted me to post it here. I figured why not, I don't have a "picture" of me anywhere and I wanted to post one so everyone can see what I look like. I know its not the greatest drawing in the world, but I think its pretty good for a droid who's just learning.

Well bye for now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Little About Me

Finally I'm done with the new locks. I would like to see them droids come in here now. Anyways they have been shut down for the night. It seems they enjoy bugging me when I'm working. Earlier one came up behind me and ask a stupid question about what to use to mop the floor. I was in the process of mixing chemicals and he startled me so bad I dropped the container and burnt a hole right through my table. Luckily I have protective metal sheeting on the floor so it didn't burn through that otherwise I would be in the process of looking for a new ship.

You know I just realized that I haven't told you a whole lot about me. So maybe I should. Lets see--- my name Noel and you already know I'm from Neptonian and that it was located in another galaxy.
I have cyborg implants due to some birth defects. You see I was born way to early and my internal organs weren't fully developed. Despite the best care the doctors couldn't save them. First it was my heart then my lung and liver and so on and so forth. The doctors replaced them with mechanical ones that are fused with organic materials. This way they could grow with me and they wouldn't have to replace them every year. Well by the time I was one all my internal organs were replaced except my brain. It may not really even noticeable but I have a metal chest plate and inside my organs are in a protective bag filled with a blue liquid that's a kind of blood and oil mix. I also have a metal plate in my head that can be removed to do checkups. There are tiny sensor chips that basically control my organs.

Now when I was about three years old I was diagnosed with a rare type of bone disease that basically eats away at the bones. It had started in my left leg and left arm. The doctors were working on a cure but by the time they got it done I had lost my arm up to my shoulder and my leg up to my hip. The rest they were able to stop the loss and regenerate the bone back.

So here I was three years old and was in the hospital for almost my whole life. I was starting to think the hospital was my home. My room was covered with pictures and cards. I had toys and stuffed animals. My favorite was my stuffed pugtooth. My Dad got it for me when I thought there was a monster that lived under my bed. He told my that this pugtooth was special and that it could eat monsters and bad dreams. SinceI had a lot of them too--wouldn't you.

Ohh I miss my parents so much----its getting hard to do this. Bringing back forgotten memories ...
You see my parents died when I was seven and I was with them when it happened. We were going to Christa to have a picnic and watch the sun set over our planet. It was there 800th anniversary and they told me that's where they got wed. And it was a special place for them. Well on our way home there was a short out of some sort and my Dad lost control of the ship and crashed. Both my Mom and Dad died instantly and the only reason I survived was because of my implants. They protected my organs and my brain---but the rest of my body was shot. My right leg and arm were like in a thousand pieces and no amount of healing could save them so they to were replaced with metal ones. I lost my jaw and half of my face too. Luckily my hips, back, and shoulders weren't as bad. They had bad breaks. But were fixable with a kind of metal organic fusion-- that's why I still have half of my real face.

This is too much--- the tears won't stop and I can't read what I'm writing. I'm going to have to get back to you maybe tomorrow.

Ohhh wheres my pugtooth!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Droids suck

Droids suck.

Well I shouldn't say that because I'm half one myself. But these new droids I bought must have a malfunction or something because they don't listen to me. I told all my driods that my quarters along with my lab are off limits. But last night I found my cleaning droid in my lab throwing away important papers and rearranging everything. I had to manually shut it down before it destroyed my work --- uhhh its kind of secret other wise I would tell you. I took me all morning to find out were it put everything. True my lab is a mess but at least I know were it all was.

I guess now my next job will be reprogramming all the droids. Which might turn out to be interesting since I love to tinker with things. And I would love to see what makes them work.
My goal its to make a complete droid with feelings and emotions and everything , maybe one with working internals organs like mine, one that can be almost alive. Hummmm some dream right,well maybe someday because I have a long time to live.

I kind of wonder if this galaxy has the same technology as mine does. As far as I see yours may be behind a little. But I haven't seen much since my ship has been in orbit around Tatooine for a couple weeks now. Its an interesting planet but too dry and hot for me. At least I can get supplies while I'm here, maybe some new droid parts.

Well I got to go I'm installing a new coded lock on my doors to my lab and personal quarters.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

New Here

Hello I've been flying through space for months now. I'm all alone besides a few droids I bought on a desert planet someone called Tatooine a few weeks ago. I also bought this computer to maybe help me contact beings from other planets. Then maybe I can find a new home.

You see I come from another galaxy far away. My planet was destroyed by an unknown alien species and I had to find a new home. I just hope the beings here are a little nicer then they are in the Meltar Galaxy as we called it. Most of the species in Meltar are or were hostile. There has been war going on for years now even before I was born, which was 153 years ago. Our planet was the last peaceful place in Meltar. Ohhh our planets name was Neptonian. We stayed in peace because of a force field we had designed to keep basically everything out. Only our ships which had special reflectors designed to go through the force field got in or out. We remained in peace until this unknown species came and had a weapon so massive it destroyed the field and entered the planet. The rest I'm not quit sure about since I was stranded on Christa -uhh-err "moon". But I think they wanted our metals, gas, and other precious resources.

Ohhh--I have to go I think one of my droids is messing with an experiment.