Friday, September 30, 2005

Fluke is healed.

Well after a closer look at Flukes little problem I found it to be not that bad. All it took was some secret ingredients I found around the base mixed up, add some water and moisten a cloth to put over his eyes. I left the ear open so they had a way to escape. I told him to lay down with the wet cloth over his eyes for a couple hours with his blaster helmet on. He must have fallen asleep because he woke up and felt really, really good, See .

He's all happy and everything, now that he can see and hear again. He and the others left to go out to some party tonight. Fluke is celebrating his good health and the troopers are celebrating the beginning of a well deserved vacation. ME I'm sitting here with Holg enjoying the piece and quite. We all have been staying at the base with Rage and his buddies. I plan on leaving SOON, I can't stand living with a bunch of guys. They are pigs and expect me, being a lady/ droid to clean up and make dinner. And another thing that really bugs me is they never put the toilet seat down. Just last night I almost fell in (Disgusting).

I'm going to start to look for my own place tomorrow and maybe see about getting my old job back. Unless I find something better. I can't leave Kamino yet since I don't have a ship any more and all my belongings are on Tatooine. So I'm stuck here on Kamino with nothing more then Holg and some credits and the cloths on my back. But hey I have made it with less, so it's all ok.

I would ask the guys for some help but they have done so much for me already, that I could never ask them. I'll be back on my feet in no time, just you see.

Well I want to finish this book so I talk to you later.

Ohhh Holg says HI.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Hello Everyone I'm back among the living. I'm still pretty weak and have been having troubles with some mixed wires in my arms and legs. But Holg has been working on it and it's getting better now.

I talked to the troopers that rescued me and they are a great bunch of guys (but not very good singers). We have finally arrived at Kamino, and apparently all my stuff is on Tatooine. I guess we will have to go back so I can help this guy named Fluke who also helped with the rescue. He has a very bad case of mighty-mighty-mightit-bite me. It's so severe that he may lose his eyes. The good thing is I have an extra pair of synthetic robot eyes that I made awhile ago. The bad thing is Fluke will have to go into surgery to get these put in. He might be lucky enough not to need it. I have to look at him tomorrow to find out how bad it really is.

Then it's back to Tatooine to get my stuff, Holg will have to stay behind to be briefed on what went on when we were on Geonosis.

Well I'm getting tired and I need to be fully charged before leaving tomorrow.

So Good Night.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

She's awake.

Great news guys Noel is awake and well. Sprok had sometime coaxing her out of her coma, but he managed and now she is fully functional. She is really weak, and a little light headed. It will take some time for her to get back on her feet again. The Geonosians didn't do a whole lot of damage to her. A few loose wires in her arms and leg but that's all. She hasn't talked a whole lot, but is happy to be alive and to have such wonderful people takeing care of her. She is also impressed that I kept her blog going while she was out. She will get back to it once she gets a little stronger.

Well that's all for now. We should be back at Kamino tomorrow. We would have been back tonight but with all these stupid school zones we keep getting held up.


P.S. Those trooper don't know how to hold their liquor, a few drinks and they are out cold. At least all the singing has stopped.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Still waiting.

Well we have left the orbit of Geonosis and are heading to Kamino. I wanted to go to Tatooine to get Noels stuff, but Rage (the head trooper) said there wasn't enough room on his ship for all her stuff.

Sprok has been working on Noel for sometime but keeps on getting interrupted by all the singing. He says by the time we get to Kamino she should be awake. He has talked to her (in the mind) and she says she's not sure she is ready to wake up yet. She says it is peaceful and there are no worries.

So hopefully Sprok will be successful in waking Noel. That way Fluke can get some help with his infestation of mighty-mighty-mightit-bite me. I am getting sick of hearing those three little mouths chattering and Flukes big mouth complaining about them.

Well there they go again with that stupid song-"99 Bottles of McDooku Brew on the wall".
OHHHH please help me!!!!


Monday, September 26, 2005


You wouldn't believe what happened to me today. I was rescued and so was Noel. I can't believe it, it is so amazing. I guess Chad had gotten off Geonosis and found help after all.

Before I go any further I'll tell you what has happened today.

Just before night fall I was lead out to the arena and chained to a pillar. I was feeling... Well nothing actually. Since I had shut down everything but the basic systems. As I was being chained to the pillar I heard what sounded like blasters going off in the main entrance way. I just figured that the beast was getting out of hand. Just then three troopers ran out and into the arena. They looked like they were lost and were not supposed to be there. They started to run over to me to take shelter. That was when I noticed that one of the troopers was carrying Noel. I couldn't believe it, she was still unconscious but she looked like she was still in one piece.

They got over to me and I said excitedly "You've rescued Noel. Thank you"
One of the troopers acted really surprised and asked if I knew her. I was like yah I do, she is my friend and my master.

He then said "Your coming with us " and he used his blaster and freed me from the pillar.

It wasn't until I was free that I started to look around at my surrounding. The stands where thousand of Geonosians once sat now were empty. I turn and was about to thank the trooper when I heard a loud snort coming from the main entrance. We all turned and looked at this huge beast with three horns on its head charging at us with a very angry look in its eyes. Then all of a sudden this ship lands right behind us and I'm pushed on by the guy caring Noel. He hands me Noel and I take her and lay her on the floor of the ship. Then two of the troopers climb aboard as the third one runs towards the angry beast. Just then there is a very loud boom and a very bright light. And once the dust and smoke cleared we saw nothing more then bits and pieces of the trooper and the beast in a large crater created by the bomb.

We were hovering for a few minutes and I was starting to wonder why. Just before I was going to ask, two more guys came running out of the entrance. Well actually it was more like one was running and the other was stumbling around like he couldn't see where he was going. We flew over and picked them up. One of the guys had on a blaster helmet and was saying he couldn't see and it hurt so bad. One of the troopers had asked what was wrong with Fluke( Name of guy with blaster helmet). Flukes friend (Sprok) said that the mighty-mighty-mightit-bite me had multiplied and attacked his other eye. I told him Noel may have a treatment for it and may be able to help ...if she wasn't in a coma.

We then left the planet. We decided that we would remain in orbit of Geonosis hidden behind a moon.

We had gotten Noel set up in the medical center along with Fluke, who had to be given some pain medicine.

I kept on looking at this Sprok guy and I know I have seen his type before. Then it hit me, I remember Noel showing pictures of the Vulcans and telling me that they have the same mind joining powers she does.And Sprok was definitely a Vulcan. So I ran over to Sprok and told him that if he wanted to save his friend Fluke he would have to save Noel first. I suggested that he try joining with her to bring her out of the coma. With alittle persuasion from Fluke, he agreed.

So here we sit and wait and see if Sprok is successful in bringing Noel out of her coma. I hope it works. And so does Fluke.

I'll let you know what happens later.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Final Goodbye

Well my execution was rescheduled because of the animal they were going use had gotten really sick. They think it was something it ate in the last execution. They did had have others but they were killed and they haven't gotten any others in yet.

So now the Reek ,or was it the Nexu (I can't remember) is all better, and now they can start the executions tomorrow.

So I guess this is it, this is my last post.

The lights flicker and then turn off completely. Seconds later the emergency lights come on. They only give enough light to barely make out the key on the pad.

Ahhh, the light just have gone out and I can't see very well right now so I better go.



Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm back.

Hello Everyone I'm back among the living. I'm still pretty weak and have been having troubles with some mixed wires in my arms and legs. But Holg has been working on it and it's getting better now.

I talked to the troopers that rescued me and they are a great bunch of guys (but not very good singers). We have finally arrived at Kamino, and apparently all my stuff is on Tatooine. I guess we will have to go back so I can help this guy named Fluke who also helped with the rescue. He has a very bad case of mighty-mighty-mightit-bite me. It's so severe that he may lose his eyes. The good thing is I have an extra pair of synthetic robot eyes that I made awhile ago. The bad thing is Fluke will have to go into surgery to get these put in. He might be lucky enough not to need it. I have to look at him tomorrow to find out how bad it really is.

Then it's back to Tatooine to get my stuff, Holg will have to stay behind to be briefed on what went on when we were on Geonosis.

Well I'm getting tired and I need to be fully charged before leaving tomorrow.

So Good Night.


Well this is it, tomorrow is the day.

I gave up hope for rescue hours ago.

I don't believe this, I just can't......

Ohhh I give up, I failed in keeping her alive. I killed her, it's my fault....

What's the use of doing this anymore, nobody cares...

Thows the hand held computer device across the cell.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm sending out an S.O.S. to anyone who may receive my transmission. This is urgent. Now I don't know if Chad made it back to Kamino. As far as I know he could have been killed while trying to leave this planet. We need help. PLEASE SEND HELP NOW.

I'll tell you all that happened today since there is nothing else to do in this holding cell.

Well right after I got done sending out my last post a doctor came in and told me that he needed some medical records of Noels and asked me if I would go get them. I was reluctant to leave Noel alone but I figured a few minutes away wouldn't hurt anything. So I left to go get the records from the ship. When I got to were the ship was supposed to be it was gone. All that was left was some papers and chunks of metal laying on the floor.

Then it dawned on me, this doctor asked me to go get some records that they already have. And now without me in the room they could be doing anything to her right now. I ran back to her room as fast as I could only to find it empty. I was gone for only eight minutes. And she was gone.

I started to freak out I ran around the place looking for that...that...DOCTOR. I found him in doctors lounge eating. I ran up to him and asked him where Noel was.
He was like "She should be in her room."
I yelled "NO...NO she's not, Don't play dumb with me I know you moved her. NOW where is she."
Doctor said "I don't know where she is."
I yelled " YES you do know where she is, NOW TELL ME." I then picked him up by the neck.
He gasped "We moved her to another part of the facility, where she can be monitored better."
I said "Then where is she."
He gasped "I can't, They need to study her without you getting in the way."
I yelled "TELL ME WHERE SHE IS, TELL ME NOW." I started to squeeze and shake him. I kept on repeating that over and over again.
The doctor was trying to say something but I was squeezing to tight, and then I heard a loud snap and the doctors body went limp. I realized that I killed the doctor and I didn't care, it actually felt pretty good.

I dropped the body on the floor and looked through some papers that were sitting in a folder on the table. I was trying to see if any of them said anything about where she was moved too. I found nothing , except some records about them using this drug that kept her in that coma. By that time I was so mad and upset. I would have killed again if I had the chance. Which I didn't because when I left the room there was this whole group of battle droids out side. They put some restraints on me and lead me to this here cell. I didn't give them much of a fight. I figured what's the point they won, they got what they wanted. I'm so mentally drained right now I really don't care about anything. Why should I care if they destroy me I'm just a simple droid. But Noel, Noel is a living breathing being who don't deserve to die. She never did anything wrong to anybody. She don't deserve this. And it's all my fault that this happened to her. That why I'm sending out this S.O.S. so that maybe someone will get it in time. Before they destroy her life.


I think she has a couple days before they start to work on her. I remember someone saying it's some Geonosian holiday tomorrow. So with some luck they will hold off on her. Me... If anyone cares to save me I'm to be executed in the beast arena in two days.

They were going to do a memory wipe today but they found my security device and couldn't over ride it. But don't worry about me please , PLEASE save her. I'm begging you.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Those fifthly little insects.

Ohhhh man!!!

Those fifthly insects took Noels computer. Luckily Chad gave me this hand held computer thing, so at least I can keep on posting. And it's small enough to hide it in my pockets.

I erased all her important documents and research. I believe she has back up copies that I left on Tatooine. So at least they won't find anything of great use.

I over heard a couple doctors talking and they want to study her and rebuild her into a deadly droid like Grievous. They can do it too, all it takes is some reprogramming of the brain to make her an evil, killer droid. They did it to Grievous so they can do it to her too. I have even heard that they got an offer for her, if they rebuild her and reprogram her brain, from these guys named Sidious and Dooku . But the insects told them that it might be better to wake her, that way she can make new and improved droids. Luckily the two guys agreed but who knows for how long. They might change their minds tomorrow far as I know.

I really hope Chad hurries back with help. I don't know how much more of this I can handle. I'm certain every doctor here hates me. I'm just trying to keep her alive and in one piece.

I have to go before a doctor comes in and finds this.


Puts hand held device back into his pocket. And walks over to a window. He looks up into the night sky and says.
"Ohhh Chad please hurry back before I lose my mind along with Noel"

Then the door of her room opens and in walks another doctor.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bad News....

Ahhhh Man I have some bad news. Some VERY bad news....

Chad left early this morning and Noel is still in a coma. I can't believe it he just upped and left with out tell me. Now what am I to do, now they will surly try and take her apart. And then what will happen to me. I'm going crazy. I can't handle this alone. And it's all my fault, I agreed to let them take her. I've killed her.

Starts pacing back and forth saying "It's all my fault, I killed her" over and over.

He stops and looks at the bed where Noel is laying. He realizes he has to do what ever he can to save her even if it means to kill.

He sighs and looks at a piece of paper in his hand and thinks "Maybe just maybe, there is still hope."

He then sits back down to type.

Ummm sorry about that. I lost my mind for a second. I have to keep a clear mind if Noel is to get better.

I forgot to tell you there may be hope for her still. Chad left a note for me and it says:

Holg I'm so sorry I really have to go back to Kamino. I have to do my final training, then I will become a member of the army.

I promise I will come back with reinforcements and save you- the both of you.

You have to keep a clear mind and don't let anything happen to her.

I know you can do this buddy. Keep an eye on her and don't let those fifthly insects get to her ok.

Just lie to them and tell them I'm coming back with a friend who is great at linking minds. And that he will be able to wake her ok.

Do this for me ok and I promise I'll bring help.


So there is still hope. I just hope the help doesn't arrive too late.

Well I got to go.


Gets up and takes the letter over to a candle. With a heavy sigh he proceeds to burn the letter. He lets it burn up to his fingers then drops it on the floor and steps on it. The letter is nothing more then ash on the floor.

Sunday, September 18, 2005



Again Chad tried to wake Noel and failed. This time he was interrupted by one of the doctors. He told us later that he almost made it. He could almost hear her thoughts, they were mumbled but made out with the words.
"Please help I'm scared"
And that was all he got before the doctor walked in and rudely interrupted the joining process.

Man if it wasn't for my -Don't do any harm program - I would have slapped that doctor silly. I am getting so worried, she has been in a coma for over a week. And the doctors want to "look" at her brain. I keep on telling them to wait, that she will wake up soon. But now I'm not really sure, I'm loosing hope. I can't lose her ,man this galaxy can't lose her. She has so much knowledge and may be able to cure people from illnesses they thought they never would. And these doctors here know it and want to use her for themselves, to make money.

I will have Chad try again later and if it fails ....Ohhh I don't even want to think that. He has to leave tomorrow so it better work.

I have to go keep an eye on her so no doctors start messing with her brain.


Saturday, September 17, 2005


Well Chad was in the room for three hours . When we went in to see what was going on, he was asleep. After waking him he said he must of fell asleep while trying to join. He admitted he hasn't been sleeping very good and the sounds from the machines must of lulled him to sleep.

He was still drowsy and wanted to go back to sleep. So I let him, maybe he will be able to join with her on a fresh mind.

Well that's all for now.

However I am keeping my eyes on those filthy insect creatures. They don't do anything to her unless I know what they are going to do to her first. I don't trust them at all.


Friday, September 16, 2005


Well we finally arrived at Geonosis, and from what we have been told Noel's still unconscious.

Sorry about not posting yesterday but we had to make a pit stop at Tatooine. Doug said he had friends their and was planning on staying with them. I figured it was on the way so we stopped. While there, I had asked this trader how far it was to Geonosis. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I wanted to go there. Well, I told him why. He then told me something that completely shocked me. He said that it wouldn't be no surprise if those greedy little insects took her apart to study her. That scared me. He also said if I had anything of any importance to get it off the ship. So I did just that. I found a storage unit and unloaded all of Noel's experiment and some her personal treasures.

Luckily I did because they are going threw her stuff right now. They told me it was to find things that may help them study her technology better. I told them there was nothing on the ship but some old droid parts, junk, and this computer. I then told them there was nothing on here (computer) but some old memory recordings. I didn't tell them that all her important information is under some secret security codes that even I don't know. The only one she gave me was the one to this post. However, I DID tell them she kept everything in her memory.

Ohhh, by the way Noel is still in one piece.

I have talked to the doctors and they don't have any idea of what to do. They have never seen such technology before. They said that Grievous is their greatest creation and he is nothing compared to her.

They say her body is healthy, no indication of anything wrong. But they say her mind is gone. I explained to them how Chad could help , but they don't think it will work. They said they might have to take her apart and study her to find out what is wrong. I panicked, I told them they couldn't do that and if they tried it may kill her. I told them to give Chad a shot. They wouldn't listen, until I said that if she died they may never learn about her technology. So they agreed.

Right now Chad is in her room trying to join with her mind. I hope it works.

It might take some time so I'll keep you posted.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

To Geonosis We Go

Hello Holg still and we're aboard Noel's ship.

Our ship is a bit slower then the medical shuttle. We might arrive at Geonosis some time tomorrow. We have a couple extras aboard our little ship tonight. One guy goes by the name of Doug. He came up to us and told us that he wanted off Kamino. He said he would do anything if we would let him come aboard, so we agreed. We also picked up this guy named Chad. He, I believe, was the clone Noel stayed with a couple weeks back. He just heard of Noels accident and was worried about her. He also says he might be able to help her. I'm not so sure about it. I mean, there was some really good doctors looking after her and they can't figure out why she won't wake up. And him, a simple clone, thinks he can help. But ohhh well it's worth a try right.

"Hey Holg whatcha doing over there."

"Nothing Chad, just telling some of Noels friends how she's doing. Hey you want to talk for awhile , maybe tell them how you plan on helping Noel."

I don't know, I have never been good at...."

"Come on its not hard, see just type in what you want to say on here and it appears up there."

"I know how to use a stupid computer ... move over!"

Ok ...I'm going to see what Doug is doing in the mess hall. I'll be right back."


Hello everybody this is Chad. I know I'm not supposed to leave Kamino until my training is done but when I heard of Noel's accident,I knew I could help.

That night of the party we talked until dawn. She showed me how to join...It's kind of a mind thing. And it's really cool, we went walking along a very beautiful beach that used to be on her planet. She also told me everything about her. Things about her life . Do you realize she lived on a...What she call it .. ohhh Christa for like 100 years. She built her own house out of a cave, generated power from an under ground river, built and made everything she had. AMAZING.

She also told me how her people can use their minds to heal pain and even wake an unconscious person. That's why I'm here, to try and bring her mind back to her body. I don't know if it will work, but I'm going to try. Plus I may be the only one who knows how to join the minds. And like I said before I'm going to try.

She is a wonderful being, and in the short time we spent together that night, I found a true friend. I would say that I would stay with her, but I can't. My job is to serve the Republic Army, nothing else. And when I'm done here I'll go back to Kamino and finish my training. I realize they won't be happy with me leaving, but I just couldn't let her remain unconscious. I just couldn't.

"Ok , Chad I'm back and dinner is done. "

"Ohhh good, I starving."

Talk to you all later , It's dinner time.

"Here you go Holg, it's all yours."


Ok it's Holg again, but you know I better go too. I have to supervise our new guests since they tend to make a mess.

"Hey Holgster where's the ketchup man."

" How many time do I have to tell you it NOT to call me Holgster, and the ketchup should be in the back on the fridge."

"Sorry man that bottle was all used up earlier."

"WHAT!!! That bottle was brand new, just opened!"

" Well, Chad wanted to see just how far it would squirt and we took it to that far hallway and ...Man it was awesome , it went all the way to the far wall. Dude it was soooo cool."

*sigh* "Did you clean it up."

"Uhhh , sorry man I think I forgot to."

"Ahhh geez, Ok , I'll go do it. And sorry there is no more ketchup."

"Hey man, Whatcha doing here anyway."

"I'm talking to Noels friends ."

"Awww, Cool man can I say hey."

"Fine but make it quick, your dinner is getting cold."

"Ok, Dude."

Hey to all you fine people out there, What's up. This is Doug . From what I hear Noleys pretty sick and Chad the man plans on helpin her out. Hey Dudes, send her some pretty flowers, She loves some of those pretty flowers. Well dudes, I got to get outa here before Holgster yells at me. See Ya.

"Happy now, Now go eat your dinner."

"Dude, I can't eat without ketchup."

"Well you should have thought of that before you made that mess in the hallway. And if you don't go and eat now I will make you go and clean it up with THIS." [Holds up a toothbrush. ]

" You're totally harsh."[ walks away.]

" And eat all your veggies."

"Awww, Man."

Ok I have to go now, I'll keep you posted on how Noels doing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Moving Noel

This is Holg (Noels personal droid) still, Noel is still unconscious.

They told me that they contacted doctors on Geonosis and they are sending her there tomorrow. They have a better hospital there, with better technology. They even have a special facility with dealing with organic droids. I think it was Grievous who was built there and the doctors might know how to deal with Noels problem better.

They want me to come along, just because I'm the only one who knows Noels basic maintance care. But I don't feel right leaving all her important experiments and all her other belongings, behind. So I took it upon myself to pack everything, and put it back on her ship. I will then follow her medical shuttle when it leaves in the morning.

I'm almost done with the packing and then it has to be loaded on to her ship. I have started up a couple of her other droids, to help. They too are very worried about her, and are mad at me for not telling them sooner. I told them that I have been very busy the past couple days. And that if they helped me pack up her stuff, I'll take them down to see her. They agreed.

You know I just hope those doctors on Geonosis can help her. If she never wakes up or even worse... dies, I wouldn't know what to do. She has to be the greatest Master alive....Well you know what I mean. She tells us not to call her Master and to consider her as a friend. She don't give us orders, they are more like chores, she says. And when we are done with our chores we can do what ever we want. Well not anything, their are rules we must follow. Just like any living being has to follow rules and laws, so do we. And the cool thing is we get our own rooms. And we can decorate it any way we like. I like to paint and draw, so my room is filled with my own paintings and drawing. Dane (a cleaning droid) loves animals. Then there is Elly (a pilot droid) who loves to follow the news. And right now everything on the news is about the war and General Grievous. She has every news report taped and every newspaper article that deals with the war.

Well to get back to what I was saying:

Noel treats us like a living being, with respect... like a friend. And if she don't get better I don't think I can go with another person. Not with all reprogramming I have had. And you know something my memories can't be erased either. She had installed a security device so nobody can. So what memories I have of her stay with me. And I really don't think I can go back to a life where I'm treated like... Well a droid. When I have had such a wonderful life-so far-, with a friend.

She is a very good friend and I really like her a lot. And I hate seeing her so sad. And she may not show it around anyone else but she is sad all the time. She has cried almost every night sense I have been activated. She thinks that nobody will ever accept her the way she is. And she's affraid nobody will ever love her. That's why I started buying her flowers and saying they were delivered. Yes it was me and yes I lied to you yesterday. I was still playing along in case she saw the post and got mad at me. But I figure I'll have to tell her now sense I don't know if they have flowers on Geonosis. That is, if she ever gets better.

I know it's not right to lie. And I was only going to do it once, but she was so happy the rest of the day. She thought someone loved her. I just couldn't stop myself from getting more the next day. I liked seeing her happy just as much as I hated to see her cry.

Well I better get going now. There is still a lot to get done by morning.

Holg (Noels personal droid)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Holg Here

Hello Noel is still in the hospital and she still unconscious . However she does look a lot better, her color has returned and they say her heart rate and breathing are getting stronger. They may be able to take her off life support in a day a or two.

She has gotten a few get well cards and some flowers. She is still getting flowers from her secret admirer. I don't think he knows what has happened to her yet. I asked the delivery droid who the flowers were from. He said that he didn't know. But that someone called to order them, and that it sounded like the call came from some other system.

I would like to talk longer but I just came by to leave everyone a quick message, and I'll keep you posted on how she's doing. I know she would have wanted it that way.

Holg , Noels personal droid

Noel's In the Hospital

I want to tell everyone that this is not Noel, I'm her personal droid. Noel had a bad accident and she is in the hospital right now. I know it's not in my programming but I am really worried. She is still unconscious and the doctors don't know if she will ever wake up. I'll tell you what happened.

Well I was in the kitchen when I heard her yell for me. I figured it was nothing and continued to mop the floor. I then heard ...well her fall down the stairs. I rushed out and seen her laying unconscious on the floor. I noticed she was having troubles breathing and that her heart rate was really weak. I then realized she really needed some help. But I didn't know if I should have contact the emergency crew or the droid maintance crew, so I contacted them both.

I then used the maintance program she had installed me and I started to work on her. I removed the plate in her head and started to look at the wires to see if any were loose, I didn't find any. I then looked at her microchips (NO NOT THE TYPE YOU EAT.) I looked at all her motion microchips and then seen that her main systems microchip was fried. I knew that she had kept an extra one in her lab/spare room so I ran up to get it.

When I got back I noticed she wasn't breathing and her heart had stopped. I was on the verge of panic but kept a clear head. I was in the process of removed the old microchip from her head, when the emergency crew came in. They told me that my job was done and to get away from her. I refused to move because I knew if I didn't get that new chip in her head she would die. One of the crew pushed me aside and mumbled something about stupid droids. I tried to tell him that I needed to get the microchip in her head before she died. He ignored me.

They were standing over her in wonder. I guess they never seen a organic -droid before. Then they looked at me and gave me a dirty look. One asked if this was some joke, I said no. Then another started to say something about how calling the emergency crew to help a stupid droid was against the law. Then our new next door neighbor came in to see what was wrong. They said it was a false alarm and started to leave. That was when I finally got back to her and installed the microchip, but she didn't start breathing. I looked up and noticed that the neighbor was trying to explain that Noel was a living being with metal implants. They kept on walking out, she then waved her hand and said something I didn't hear.

I guess she convinced them because they rushed over and told me they were sorry for not believing me. They gave her CPR and got her heart and breathing going again. This is when the maintance crew came in. I was is shock despite my programming.

Everyone, even me, went to the hospital. And I guess the maintance crew and the emergency crew join up to help her. They asked me some questions about her maintance and such. I showed them how to wire her microchips up to the monitors to keep her alive. The rest of the day was a blur.

She is now hooked up to life support. There are wires, tubes, and hoses all over. She looks pretty bad:-(
I just hope she wakes up and gets better. Please help me pray for her.

I got to go now. I just came back here to get some of her old medical records, and to leave everyone a quick message. I have to get back to the hospital now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pictures of Kamino

Nothing much happened today. So I have decided to post some pictures I have taken sense I've been here.

I hope you enjoy:-)

This is Kamino. It's a water covered planet with no land. It's cities are built above the water on very strong stilts.

This is Tipoca City, the capital of Kamino and home of the clone factories. This is also were I'm staying until I get some money saved up.

This creature is called a Aiwha. They have been domesticated by the Kaminoans, and used for transportation. They are extremely powerful animals.

This is Taun We along with Jango Fett(man) and Boba Fett (kid). Jango is the one they cloned to make the Republic Army. This is a picture of a young one. He is about 3 years of age. They are hooked up to these monitors for 8 hours a day. It's teaching them to fight and follow commands.

This is the Unborn area. Everyone of the Unborn is hooked up to monitors. Sorry about the reflected light, I had my flash on when I took this picture.

This is Taun We again. This was taken just before the party. I told her I would buy her a drink if she allowed me to take her picture. She agreed.

I don't remember taking this picture. But I believe it was some time during the party.

Well that's all I got for now. Anyway I want to finish that book I started last night.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Food Fight

What a day ,what a day. You wouldn't believe what happened to me today. I was busy taking the garbage to the trash compactor when I was paged to the year 3 clones mess hall. I figured it was spilt milk or something on that line . But noooooo it was way worse then that. Those slobs..errrr... kids had a food fight. There was food every where and it was pure NASTY. It wasn't just a small mess, there was food on the walls, on the ceiling, and totally ground up in the carpet. It took me 5 hours to get that mess hall cleaned and back in order. Then I had to work double fast to get everything else done .

Luckily I'm half droid because then I don't have to worry about getting tired. Even if I run around all day like I did today. I am however going to sleep/ recharge tonight. It has been a very long couple days and all that running around today kind of depleted my power reserves.

I was pretty crabby for most of the day, and that all changed when I got home. Because once again there was flowers for me sitting on my end table. The card read the same as yesterdays. I still can't believe I have a secret admirer.

I just wonder who it may be???

Well that's all for tonight. I'm going to take a hot bath and get all this nasty food off my implants and fur. Then curl up in my bed chamber with a good book.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Attention General Grievous

Well I'm finally done with the medicine for General Grievous. I have been working on it all night but it's finally done. It is a serum he has to inject once a day into his gutsack.

Now if only I could get hold of him. I have left him some messages but with no response.

I know he's in the lower levels of Coruscant. So he might be having problems connecting to the Holo-Net. I just hope he is alive and well. However, if he does get killed I would love take his body and study it some more. See what type of technology was used into creating him. But in the same aspects I would like to see him live. Because a living being is always more interesting to study then a dead one.

Well I got to go to work now.

Auuurrrgggggg, Another day cleaning toilets and garbage. FUN--FUN!!!

A Secret Admirer

Man what a day. I had to pull a double shift today because the being who was supposed to come in this morning never showed up. I was working on Grievous's medicine when they called me to come in. So sorry to say I haven't finished it yet. But I will work on it until I'm done. I really don't need to sleep sense I got so much on Sunday that I won't need to recharge until maybe Friday.

When I got home I had noticed flowers sitting on my end table. My personal droid said that they were delivered when I was at work. I looked at the card and it said it was from a secret admirer . Now I wonder who would be sending ME flowers. It might be that clone that I woke up next too. But he has been shipped out for duty. I have nobody else in mind. Only a few co-workers talk to me and most of them are already with someone.

I just wonder who would love me, being part droid and all. I can't offer anything in the physical sense, unless I can prove joining works with other species. It don't work on droids because of their positronic brain. And I'm not close enough to the organic beings that live here. I think they are almost afraid of me because I'm different and an outsider.

I miss Jomb, He was my boyfriend when I lived on Neptonian. We were going to run away and be wed. We had plotted a course to this galaxy, because there was so much war and destruction in our galaxy. We wanted a safe place to live out the rest of our lives together. The reason we were going to run away was because both of us were rejected the right to wed, due to the fact we were both mainly droids. He had mechanical limbs because he was born without real ones. So he was a lot like me, and he loved me so much.

He was in the army and was able to buy a long range ship. Only the army is able to have access to the long range ships. Everyone who was in the army had their own long range ships. The rest, including me, only had access to the short range ships that are used mainly for traveling to the moons of our planet. We were to meet on Christa and take his ship all the way to your galaxy. That never happened tho , he did meet me and we decided to stay the night there on Christa and leave in the morning. But that was the night of the attack. He felt that it was his duty to go save Neptonian. So he left me and took the long range ship. That was the last time I saw him.

Ok, sorry I have to stop now before I get totally depressed.

I want to show everyone a picture I took of Neptonian right after I got to Christa ,before the attack . And another one about 100 year later. Here they are:


This is a view of Neptonian from the surface of Christa. I realize that Christa may look bare and dead but it's not. This is on the edge of the Rista wasteland. However behind me is a lush grassland and then a forest. There is no water on Christa itself, but there is whole system of under ground rivers and lakes. Just look at how beautiful Neptonian is.

This is what Neptonian looks like now. I took this picture on the day I left Christa 100 years later. There is nothing but total devastation.

Sorry but I got to go. I promise I'll give you more details about all this some other time. It's just really hard for me to talk about this. Anyway I need to work on General Grievous's medicine.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Grievous Has An Infection

I had the day off from work today,well kind of . I've been working all day on General Grievous's medical test results. And I may have a prognosis , he has a bacterial infection in the liquid surrounding his lungs.

The sample of gutsack liquid showed a large number of bacteria"A" . Bacteria "A" I found is pretty nasty it loves to attack any organic material. This means his lung and other organs are being eaten. The only thing that slows it down is another bacteria,"B", I found on samples of rock, dust, and dirt. This dirt comes from Tatooine in the Hutts Palace. The bacteria "B" attaches itself to the bacteria "A" , and the bacteria "A" has a hard time doing anything. It also works on patching up what bacteria "A" has destroyed. This is why he stopped coughing when he was on Tatooine. I'm still working on a medicine to help with this. It won't be a cure because his lungs are so far gone, and only a transplant will ...well actually save him . Even with the medicine there will be destruction of organ tissue. This medicine will only slow it down and give him some time before he needs surgery.

I found another interesting fact. There is a planet that lives on Geonosis that produces spores. These spores are pretty much harmless, unless you have the bacteria "A" that Grievous has. The spores act as a very high energy food source for bacteria"A" and it also kills bacteria "B". So that is why he started coughing once he got to Geonosis.

Like I said earlier I'm working on a medicine, probably one that he has to inject directly into his gutsack. It won't be a cure but it will help him feel better and prolong his time before he needs surgery.

Well I need to go and inform Gereral Grievous about his results.

Appointment With Grievous

Well I finally feel better now. This morning I was still a bit under the weather but I managed to get up and meet Mr. Grievous. Ohhh sorry, General Grievous. He told me not to call him Mister other wise he would kill me. Talk about someone who's in a serious need of some anger management classes.

I gave him a checkup, things like listening to his heart and lungs. I took some samples of his gutsack liquid. And took down all his previous medical history. I also gave him some simple tests while hooked up to sensors that record all the data, like his heart rate, his breathing rate, and other little things. His tests included running on my treadmill at different speeds and with different gravitational forces. I had him lift weights and do other types of exercises. I had to see if certain strains on his body made him cough.

Then when all the exercises were done I made him look at different pictures. Pictures of everyday stuff like droids, planets, ships, ect. This too will help to see if his cough is triggered by something he sees.

Then I had him breath in samples of different types of material found on many different planets. Samples like plants, dust, animal fur, ect. From whom I got these samples from is to remain a secret.

He had to leave right away, something about the attack on Coruscant not going well and he needed to get back as soon as possible. I told him I would let him know his results as soon as I'm done analyzing everything, which might take a couple days.

I did however find out one important fact:
His mechanical body is slowly rejecting his organic body. It might be a reason for his cough but I'm not totally sure yet. I have to study the results more to find out the truth. However someday he is going to need a complete lung transplant. And maybe the rest of his organs too. But that won't need to be done for another year or so.

I got to go now and continue working on the test results.

Hummmmmmmmmm ...Now that is very interesting...............

Monday, September 05, 2005

Nap Time

I still can't get over this stupid hangover. It is so bad, my ......well everything hurts, even my arms and legs hurt. And I have all my pain sensors off too. This sucks.

I have been sleeping on my couch on and off all day. When I'm awake, I have been watching movies, something I never do. I haven't done anything all day, not even get dressed. My mouth is still really really dry despite all the water I have been drinking. I just hope I get better by tomorrow, I got an appointment with a Mr. Grievous tomorrow at 10:00. I guess he's coming in because of some nagging cough he can't get rid of. Although I have heard he's attacking Coruscant, so who knows he might not make it. Man I hate war....but he's still needs help none the less. I will treat him with the same respect as I would...let say of those Jedi. It means no difference to me.

I'm getting really...*yawn*

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Man I have such a hangover right now, my head it totally killing me.

The party was so much fun. I swear the whole city was there, I have made several friends and I'm not sure but maybe even a boyfriend. There was a really great DJ, and they had all different types of drinks. I stuck with the punch tho, but I believe someone spiked it. After a few drinks I was.....well.... not myself. And then someone gave me this funky purple shot. It was really good so I had a few more. And ...Ahhh... I'm totally regretting it now. The last thing I remember was taking another shot as this clone came up to me and asked me to dance.

When I woke up this morning I was in a different apartment and had a strange clone asleep next to me. I have no idea what happened last night. I know for a fact that we couldn't have mated because my body is incapable of mating until I come into season which is every 500 years. I could have however joined with him. Joining is something our younger one did as a way to get around mating. It's kind of a telepathic link between two, and you can do almost anything you can imagine . Stuff like go surfing when you live in the desert colony, or take a walk threw a beautiful forest when you live in a huge city, or mate when you're not in season. However I never knew it could be done on other species other then our own.

Hummmm... now I'm going to have to experiment:-)

Well anyway... I left him before he woke up. I really hope he don't remember or we might have a problem. On my way home I ran into some others from the party. They told me that I went crazy, I started dancing on the tables, and flirting with every guy there. Then after I grabbed the mike from the DJ and started singing along with the songs, they decided that I had enough to drink and told me to go home. I guess I got really mad and started yelling and throwing things. It wasn't until this clone named Chad calmed me down that I agreed to go. And I guess he was going to walk me home...Yea right.

I really had no idea that any of this happened. I'm normally not like this, I'm kind of quite and shy. But I guess once I get a few drinks in me I turn crazy. Now I worry that I'll never be invited to another party:-(

Ohhhh...MAN.... I got to go....

Friday, September 02, 2005


I'm going to have to make this post really quick. I'm invited to a party of one of my co-workers, her name slips my mind right now. It's her birthday and she has invited almost everyone in Tipoca City. Even some of the clones are invited. I'm so happy, this will be the first real fun I have had in a very long time. Maybe I will make some new friends.

I got to go sense the party will be starting in a half-hour. I'll let you know how the party goes tomorrow.

Now what do I wear???


I have been reassigned to a different job. I told my supervisors that I had a problem with working with something that lead to war. I told them that when I accepted the job I had no idea that I was helping with the war, and I wanted to remain neutral . They understood and gave me a job as a janitor. It's not a great job and the pay isn't as good, but at least I can live with myself. It is still interesting on how the cloning works, But it's something I would never do myself. I'm more of a scientist: building thing, fixing things, improving on things. You know working with my hands. I'm also, as I said many times, a doctor.

Ohhh good news my experiment was a complete success. I now have a tissue matter I can use to make my heart and lungs and other organs. This tissue is extremely strong and also flexible. All I have do is build a working heart pump then fuse the pump with the tissue matter. And Wa-La I have a working mechanical heart. All I need now is a name for the tissue matter and it's all set.
Hummm...Any suggestions.

Ohhh great I got to go.... someone has made a mess in the bathroom....Again.

I Hate War

My first day of work went pretty good. But to tell you the truth I don't know how long I'm going to last on this planet. There is no real land here. All it is a large city built on top of the water. There is no sun because it rains all the time. There's no grass or trees , nothing but water, rain, and this city. Ohhh well.

I'm home sick

Other than that it's a nice place to visit and to rest after a very long space cruiser ride. But it's not home....will I ever find it.

I hope ...maybe someday....there is still a lot of planets to see. There's no real hurry either, these beings seem a lot nicer then the ones on Tatooine. So I can deal with it.

Sorry about the miserable mood, I get like this from time to time. When you're a organic droid looking for a place to call home, you would too. I sometimes feel so out of place here. There is nobody like me around...or is there. I might be the only one alive of my species... unless some managed to leave before the attack on my planet. I really don't know ...and to find their way here, to a completely different galaxy...Impossible.

I also found out today there is war going on here too. That's what the clones are for, to fight a war. I'll tell you something, war is no good, nothing ever comes of it. Nothing but death, destruction, and loss of so many who just wanted peace. Look at me, my galaxy has been in war for nearly 500 years. My planet was the last peaceful planet in Meltar. And it was completely destroyed, because some unknown alien wanted what we had on our planet. They took our minerals and natural gas, then they (I believe) killed all my people, and destroyed the rest with some huge bomb that left my planet a hollow core of nothing. All for what... THE WAR.

And now I feel so bad that I 'm helping with your war, when I would rather have nothing to do with it. So I'm going to tell you this right here, right now. After I get some money saved up I'm leaving. And then I'm a neutral, No favorites, No sides , NO ENEMIES. I'll help anyone who need a pretty good medical doctor, no matter what side their on.

So with that said I'm feeling a little better. And now I can get to work on my experiment. Ohhh if you're in need of a good doctor let me know and I can make you an appointment. I'm still learning and I may not have the technology as they do on Geonosis. But I'm cheap and I love a good challenge.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Break Time

Well I'm on my lunch break right now,even though I don't need to eat lunch. But it's a break all the same. My first day is going pretty good. The job is easy and way to boring. All I do all day is sit and watch monitors and write down all the readings from these monitors every hour. It's kind of cool though you can sit there and watch the unborn grow right before your eyes. It's kind of interesting how that growth hormones works. That's another thing I have to keep on eye on. There has to be the right amount of hormone injected into each one other wise there would be....well lets just say a mess.

I have had time to work on the mixture of my experiment on paper today. And I think I have it, now I can't wait to get back to my place and get started on it. Just think a new type of tissue to help make a heart or lungs. Just think of the medical break through. Eventho it's been around for centuries in my galaxy, but I haven't seen it around here yet. However there is still a lot of planets I haven't seen yet.

Well I got to get back to work , I'll report back later to tell you how it goes with my experiment.