Sunday, October 30, 2005

Potential Mate...Obi Wan.

Well once again I have gotten some reports in. This time from the droids that were sp.......researching Obi Wan Kenobi.

Now I have to admit Obi Wan is not that bad looking, for a human. He has hair ...alot of it too. Which I like. However, I find out after reading the reports that he has mental capacity of a four year old. He likes to sneak into the younglings class and steal the glue. Then eat it... digusting.

This guy is a Master Jedi and he can't even tie his own shoes. I mean geez ....I don't want to mate with a guy I have to babysit too.


Well besides his acting like a four year old, he has this fetish for beer and Cheetos. He always has this nasty orange coating all over this fingers and mouth. And his breath............It's enough to make those Sand People on Tatooine avoid him.


And look here... it's his room. One of the other Jedi said this was actually pretty clean compared to most times.
I think it is disgusting....How could anything stand living in there. Well besides roaches, which I have read , there is a whole colony that live among the mess.


I however, do give him credit for constructing those chairs from beer cans.

Another thing, I have found out he already has a girlfriend. Her name is...Lets see... Aayla. My droids happened to catch them in a...... moment.... I guess. She doesn't looked to thrilled to be there. I don't blame her either....with his nasty breath, I wouldn't even be that close. And what's with the feeding from the mouth thing... CRAZY.

Is this some type of human mating ritual, that I don't know about? I know our species likes to bite, and others feed their young by mouth. But I have never seen this one.



Well there you have it, Obi Wan didn't make it. The one and only thing he has going for him is...his looks. Now if he could miraculously mature like 30 years, clean his room and keep it clean, start taking those wookie strength breath mints, AND cut down on the beer and cheetos intake, he might have a chance. But that will never happen...not even in my life time.


I have a strange question to ask someone who knows Obi Wan. Because this answer I can't find in any of the reports my droids have sent me.
How come when I was searching for pictures of Obi Wan, this strange creature kept on appearing. Is this some kind of disguise Obi Wan uses.
If so ...I have to say it is very strange. Very strange indeed.

Well this is all for now... Two down, quit a few more to go.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Potential Mate.... Windu

My droids have been out spying...Ahhh.... Researching...Yea researching my potential mates. I have already gotten some feedback from the ones following Mace Windu. And I have been going over it all morning.

I don't really know why I had chosen him in the first place because...sad to say...he is hideous. I mean look at him, he is completely bald. I now know after studying the report, he thinks he SOOOO hot ....but he's not. At least to me, he's not. I like a guy with at least alittle hair.


After reading into the reports some more I find out he likes to shop, and not for normal guy things. He shops for things like those economy size tubes of moisturizer, alot of skin care products, and the same with shaving cream. And for some strange reason he likes the color purple.

My droids followed him to a nearby Wal-Mart. He went straight for the beauty section. He took every can of his favorite shaving cream off the shelf and put into his cart. He then went over to the skin care and nearly flipped out when he seen they were out of his favorite head wax. He started yelling at everyone and stormed up to the front desk and demanded they get more of his head wax. They said they were out, so he pulled out his light saber and threatened to kill the guy. The guy quickly called to the restocking area and found out that they had JUST gotten some in. So Windu apologized to the guy and went to the back and took a whole box of head wax. ....Talk about crazy.


Then after getting back to the temple he went straight to the bathroom. Anakin was in the shower and I guess Windu wasn't to happy with that and turned on the hot water in the sink. Anakin hollered and came flying out of the shower and was all upset he said something like,

"Yo Man, why you have to be so mean"... Or something like that...
And Windu said " You have been in there since I left to go shopping... Now get out!!!
"What ...can't I at least rise off my bod an spit."
"No... Now get out it's my turn"

Anakin came out of the bathroom all soapy mumbling something the recorder didn't pick up. My droid peaked in the bathroom and Windu freaked out,

"I said GET OUT" and he threw a can of saving cream at it, just as it snapped a picture.

Windu was in the bathroom for almost three hours. Doing what I don't know....But as a mental note Windu CAN NOT sing very well. My droid recorded him singing in the shower. The song I believe was "I'm So Pretty". I was starting to think this guy had some serious gender issues. Then I read he was dating this girl named Shaak Ti. So I guess he is just REALLY in touch with his feminine side.

So as it is Windu had failed my studied. Any guy who spends more the five minutes looking at himself in the mirror, is definitely not for me. Windu spends hours looking at the mirror and freaks out if ANYTHING is wrong with his head.


Which bring me to something I thought was funny that my droids had recorded.
Anakin was still upset with Windu, for throwing him out of the bathroom.

So Anakin walked up to him and said "Yo man, what is THAT" and pointed to the back of Windu's head.
"What is what" Said Windu reaching for the back of his head.
"It looks like a bug bite or sump'tin."
"A WHAT!!!" Windu screamed like a little girl and ran to the bathroom.
Anakin walked away laughing.

When Windu came out of the bathroom an hour later he looked really worrying, and had his hood up. He said something about calling the doctor in the morning.


So there you have it Windu: The hideous bald, girly man...At least to me he is.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alittle to Rough

Well this is fun. I am currently locked up in my own apartment...under my own direction. And since I have nothing to really do I'll tell you why.

Well lets start with Sunday.
Early Sunday morning Zebb arrived at the ship and I briefed him on things that needed to get done. I explained to him that I was going on a short vacation, and he was to be in charge. However I didn't tell him WHY I needed to go. I spent the day doing what I normally do, and he watched or helped. I showed him around the entire ship and let him select his apartment/ quarters. I was surprised to see how well he caught on and got the hang of everything. He told me he had experience in this type of stuff. He apparently grew up in a resort type ship, his Mom was a housekeeper and he stayed with her on the ship. He got to be good friends with the captains son and hung out alot with his family. The captain was like the father he never had.

Well on with the story.
Monday was pretty much the same, but this time I let him do it all and I watched him....And his cute little butt..... Aaahhh sorry.
Well, very late Monday night I was in my apartment and I got a bad case the munchies. I went to my kitchen and realized I haven't stocked up on food yet. So I decided to take a stroll to the ships main kitchen. I remember Doug made some Bar B-Qed Scurrier for dinner that night and figured there may be some leftovers. I entered the kitchen and Zebb was in there. I asked him what he was doing up so late. He said he couldn't sleep and thought he would go over some paper work. He asked me if I wanted some coffee. I said no thanks, but that I wanted something to eat. I walked over to the fridge and this strange feeling came over me...I can't explain it. I asked Zebb if he had a girlfriend, but it wasn't really me saying it... well it was. I remember thinking it, and it just came out.

Zebb gave me a sad look, but answer that he didn't. As I opened the fridge he went on explaining how they broke up not that long ago. And how he still had feelings for her and how he was going to ask her to marry him...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH. I kind of drowned him out at that moment.

I continued to look through the fridge and found some Bar B-Qed Scurrier. I was about to take a leg off the plate, when I spotted something even better: Raw Bantha steaks . I don't know why but I picked up a little chuck and popped it in my mouth. And surprisingly it was rather good...Alittle salty but good. So I grabbed an even bigger piece. I closed the fridge and realized Zebb was still talking. I munched on the raw meat and pretended to listen to him. Instead I was thinking some pretty naughty things about him and me.

I remember him saying something about how he liked it rough and she didn't.... And that's the last thing I remember... Untill I snapped out of it. I came back to myself and found myself on top of Zebb and drenched in water. Apparently my hormones took over , and I launched myself at Zebb. I pushed him off the chair and pinned him to the floor. I then proceeded to claw and bite him. One of the droids heard Zebb's cries and came to help. The droid dumped a bucket of water over me and that's when I came too.

I was so embarrassed. I jumped off him and tried to help him up. He pushed me away and told me to get away from him. I told him I was sorry and that I had a good explanation for my little out burst. But he took off running before I could say anything more. He stopped at the door way and said he was going to leave, that he didn't like this kind of abuse.

I was so upset, but what could I do. However Holg spied him hurrying back to his room and stopped him. I guess Holg talked to him and told him about my little problem. Zebb kind of understood because he came to my room (with Holg) and asked if was true. I told him it was. He thought I was trying to kill him or something.

He told me he would stay and help out with whatever that needed to get done. All I asked for was to be locked up in my apartment and have only droids serve me. I then asked him if he was ok...from the scratches and bites. He said he was fine. The scatches didn't cut through the skin and the bites drew some blood, but not much. As he said this he had alittle smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

I'll have to tell him later that I don't want to mate with the crew members. I also have to thank Holg. Well I might as well go. Maybe I'll catch up on some reading or something..

Ohh by the way since I'm stuck here in my apartment I will be sending out droids and spy probes to track down and watch my potential mates. They will be recording alot of data...well at least, hopefully alot of data.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Potential Mates.

Ok... I have a small problem. I need to mate with in the next couple of months, Or else.....Ummm I'm not sure what will happen.

I don't understand how this can be happening to me. My doctors on Neptonian told me I would never be able to mate. They told me that since almost my whole body is a machine I would never go into Polixy ( I mean in season...or whatever.) But I guess they were wrong. Normally if I was still on Neptonian (and if it was still around) I wouldn't have to worry. You see we normally wed between the age of 50 and 100. So once we reach Polixy we already have our mate .

There is a plant that can be ground up to form a powder -that can be mixed with water and taken to over come Polixy. The only problem is that that plant is only found in the remote forests on Neptonian. So no luck on doing that.

The only thing I can do is find a potential mate...or lock myself in a padded room for like a month, until it's over. I'm just wondering if I will be able to mate normally. I do have all the women parts, if you know what I mean. There was studies done to see if mating while joined will help with Polixy. They found it successful only if they were attracted to each other.

So I have done some research to find potential mates and they are:

Lets see I found some jedi that a very strong with the force so they may make good potential mates. They are:
Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Anakin Skywalker.
Mace Windu.
Now I have only met these fella's once while going to see the Chancellor. All seemed very nice and polite.

Then there is Chancellor Palpatine himself...alittle old but still good potential.

There is also Fluke Starbucker. He did help save me and I did cure him, so he may help me again.

Then there was that cute little Gungan that ran into me...Literally. I believe his name was Jar Jar Binks.

I met Count Dooku, he was thinking about putting a McDooku's on the ship. He seemed to be a decent ol' chap.

There is also General Grievous. He may be made of metal but I believe he has a soft to speak.

There was also this little Jawa I met on Tatooine, and I believe I saw him in the mall the other day with this ghost. I think his name is Jawa Juice.

That brings me to that ghost- I think I heard JJ call him Qui-Gon Jinn. Now a ghost might be hard to deal with ... being trasparent and everything. But if need be, I think we can work something out.

Then there is Zebb Loxi...I have already expressed what I thought of him earlier.

Well there you go, these are my potential mates. Everyone of them as decent qualities, now to find the right one. Well I have some research to do, so bye.

Friday, October 21, 2005

My new co-captain

Well I finally went over the job applicants for the co-captains job. There was a few potential applicants, and it was really hard to choose just one. But I did it and here he is.

He is a Klatooinian and his name is Zebb Loxi. He has all the right qualifications for this job. He has experience in being a captain and knows how to deal with a busy schedule. He also takes orders pretty well.

Also being perfect for the job, he seems to be a great guy. He is easy going and very funny, he also has some great ideas for the ship.

Plus just look at him, he is gorgeous.

Huuummmm....I wouldn't mind a bit of that.

Uhohhhh ....Ummm... I have to go.. I think I have a problem.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Bomb Threat.

Well I have had a minor set back today. While I was going over some paper work, I got a call. I'm not sure who the call was from, but they stated that there was a bomb on the ship. And that if we didn't stop with the work on the ship, it would go off. I panicked and started to evacuate everyone off the ship. After everyone was off, I called the Coruscant Bomb Squad. They came and brought special equipment to help find any kind of bomb, big or small.

They went through the ship room by room, floor by floor. They didn't find anything at all, and gave the all clear. However, everyone was alittle scared to go back in. So I gave them all the rest of day off, and told them to be back first thing in the morning. I also canceled all the meetings and job interviews that I had scheduled for the rest of the day. Not having anywhere else to go, I along with some droids went back to the ship. I wasn't to scared....well maybe alittle....OK I'm very scared. I don't know who would want to destroy the ship. I just can't understand WHY. At least I know the voice behind the person who's been sending the hate mail to me. Or at least I think it is the same person.

I just glad I had that meeting with the Chancellor yesterday. I wanted the approval to set up a kind of force field for the ship. And not any kind of force field, the same kind we had on Neptonian. You know, the kind where nothing is allowed through not even the ships. I know the design by heart and all I have to get the material to build it. I will also have to design special taxi shuttles that have an encrypted code to get through the shield. All I need is a ship that can be used as a kind of docking bay for the visitors ships.

I have it all worked out. The visitors will have to dock on the other ship, then take a taxi to the resort ship. This will help alot with the security. Because now everyone will have to go through a security check point at both places. Then no one has to worry about bombs or weapons aboard someone else's shuttle. I know people and aliens won't like the tight security but it's a must when I want to keep a peaceful ship. Also, once aboard no one has to worry about being harmed by someone else from the other side. They will be able to have a relaxing vacation, and for once not have to worry about the war.

I also asked the Chancellor if it would be at all possible to open up the ship to the general public. I was thinking since there is a mini mall, a night club, a spa, a bowling ally, a hover rank (which I will be building in the old docking bays), and many other things to do- that maybe the public will enjoy a day at the resort. And if they wanted to stay all they would have to do is get a room in the hotel section. The Chancellor told me he would talk it over with a few people and let me know in a couple of days.

Well I want to go, I think I'm going to take the night off and go find some fun on Coruscant. I think I need it, it's been a long/busy week and I think some time away from the ship will do me some good.

Well bye for now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm it now.

Holg here. Noel was telling me about this tag thing and I thought it would be cool to do. And right now is a good time because she's in another meeting with the Chancellor. We have been so busy getting this ship ready. I think it will still be another couple weeks before we're done.

But ohh well, No worries, It will be open to the public in no time. Well here I go with tagging.

Where was I 10 years ago?
I was owned by family and they used me as a babysitter and housekeeper.

Where was I 5 years ago?
I was sold 2 years earlier, after the families kids grew up and they had no use for me. I was then owned by a spice smuggler. He used me as the transaction dealer. Not a fun job.

Where was I one year ago?
I don't remember a year ago since I was shut down after a bust and the spice ring I was in. However, I believe I was stored away as evidence, and then sold to a Jawa on Tatooine. Where Noel found me, did some reprogramming, and started me back up.

Where was I yesterday?
Yesterday I was helping Noel. I schedule her meetings and job interviews.
I also helped with some of the painting

5 snacks I enjoy?
Well since I don't/can"t eat this question is invalid.

5 songs I know all the words to?
Well actually I know all the words to every song, ever made. So to pick only 5 would be pointless.

5 places I have ran away to?
1. My room.
Ummm... That's about all. I am a droid and have to follow orders.

5 items you will NEVER see me wear?
1. Clothes of any kind, unless Noel wanted me too, then I would.
2. Glasses.
3. Deodorant.
4. Any kind of body sprays.
5. Shoes.

5 biggest joys in my life?
1. Noel's ship.
2. Being owne.....errr.......Friends with Noel
3. Painting.
4. Drawing
5. Just being here with Noel, it's great I have never had a owner/friend like her before. She lets me do what I want, on my time off, like everyone else.

3 ( why 3 and not 5, I don't know.) of my most favorite toys?
1. My paint, paint brush and easel.
2. Well when I was living with the family they had all kinds of toys and games. I liked playing with the kids and one day they let me try their hover-board, it was so cool. I loved it so much the family bought me my own. Even though I don't have in any more I have to say that was one of my favorite toys.
3. This computer.

Well that's all I have. Sorry, I won't be sending out any tags to any one.
Well Noel will be back pretty soon, and I have to get back down to level 8 and help with the painting.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Playing Tag...Who's it now.

Ok I'm fully rested and am feeling great. I have some time before an interview I'm having with some fellow who wants the co-captain job. So I figured I would do this tagging thing before I started this interview. I just hope this guy is as good as he looks on paper. I REALLY need the help.

Ohhh by the way, sorry Jar Jar for calling you an idiot in last nights post. I was really really tired and wasn't thinking straight.

Well here it goes:

Where was I 10 years ago?
-I was completely alone.
-I was stranded on Christa.
-I was keeping on eye on the aliens that were destroying my home world.
-I was working on experiments.
-I was... I believe that was when I finally got electricity installed in my whole home-by myself.

Where was I 5 years ago?
-I was completely alone.
-I was stranded on Christa.
-The aliens left and I had shot down one of their medium sized shuttle crafts.
-Killing the monster inside with my bare hands--getting alittle revenge.
-Fixing the shuttle and teaching myself how to fly it.
-Working on experiments.

Where was I one year ago?
-I was completely alone.
-Two years into my trip between here and there.
-Working on experiments.

Where was I yesterday?
Ohhh lest see where to start:
-I had given around 60 job interviews.
-I had called about 200 beings-some who needed a translator, about references.
-I had 3 meetings.
-I had to approve the color of the rooms that were to be painted on the 6th level.
-I had to go over the ships main dinner hall menu with Doug... Yes Doug, he is an excellent chief. I made him the ships head chief.
-I had to check on the progress of the indoor garden. Which is a bit of a mess right now. Their laying down cement for the waterfalls and stream. Then once it dries in comes the dirt. They have already layed the under ground watering system.
-I had to work on the schedule.
-I went threw some paper work.
Is that enough or you want more.

5 snacks I enjoy?
1. The mint Galaxy Girl Cookies.
2. The peanut butter Galaxy Girl Cookies.
3. Babble Berry Pie.
4. Green Moss Tea.
5. Neptonian Mix--A mix of nuts and dried fruit that was found on my planet. True I haven't eaten this for like 100 years but I really enjoyed it... when I could.

5 songs I know all the words to?
1. Happy Birthday...I guess it's a universal song.
2. Merry Neptmas....Ummm a holiday on our planet.
3. Neptonian the Beautiful....Our planetary Anthem.
4. Go You Halvers GO GO. Our academy's sports team fighting song. Yes after all these years I still remember it.
5. One World...One Galaxy. Actually this song has no words. One of my friends is/was a song writer and loved to write and perform songs. He would write the music then the lyrics...He finished the music and was working on the words before the invasion. He never got to finish it. However it was a very beautiful song.

5 places I have ran away to? I made a revision on this one.
1. Christa.
2. Melax..Another of Neptonians moons but not as big.
3. Central Park on Neptonian...I went there alot as a kid.
4. Neptonians planetary Museum... Same as before, I went there alot as a kid too.
5. My Labs...It's security locked, and it's where I can work on my experiments, in peace.

5 items you will NEVER see me wear?
1. A mini skirt...I have leg implants and kind of want to hide it, if it's at all possible.
2. A sleeveless shirt... I have arm implants too.
3. Makeup... With fur and metal its a hard thing to put on.
4. My hair up... With only half a head of hair it hard to do.
5. A bikini... Well for reasons 1 and 2, and because I can't swim, I just sink.

5 biggest joys in my life?
1. My ship.
2. Being alive.
3. This Blog.
4. Holg... As a great friend and a life saver.
5. My experiments.

3 ( why 3 and not 5, I don't know.) of my most favorite toys?
1. My ship.
2. My mind...Using my joining ability and having the ability to move, heal, and harm.
3. My computer.

5 tags... Sorry.
1. Holg. He wants to do it.
2. Chelley. someone's who close to me yet so far away... to see her blog just click HERE.
Now I know these others have been tagged already but they have yet to do it. So I'm tagging them again.
3. General Grievous...One of my new DJs.
4. Commando Rage... A clone who saved my life.
5. Fluke Starbucker...A Human who helped with the rescue.
As Fluke has been Tagged already, Sprok can do it if he wants. Same with Rage, you can let Target or Sparkey do it. And Grievous ...ummm if you want another droid to do it that's fine too.

Well there you go now you have learned some more about me. I have to go I have the interview to do in a couple minutes. So bye.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I am so exhausted right now. I haven't slept like in almost a week. I have so much to do to get the ship ready, there is alot of painting, the new garden still needs to be installed, a new super sonic water filter system still needs to be installed in the pool and hottub. Plus alot more- I can't even think straight. On top of all that I have a ton of job interviews and meetings, I have to call up on the references, I still have a ton of paper work to go threw, I have a schedule to work on....ummm what else ohhh yea some idiot tagged me so now I have to do that too---THANK YOU.

But not tonight--Sorry...*yawn*...I'm so tired right now. I think I'm going to take a hot relaxing bath and then crawl into bed and sleep for like ten hours if possible.

Night guys.....*yawn*

Friday, October 14, 2005

Indoor Park Ideas

I had a meeting today with a landscaper. I also had alot of other meetings and job interviews today too. But the landscaper had some really neat ideas for the indoor park/garden. I'll show you some of them, now that the picture downloader is working again.

These here are some waterfalls she done previously for someone's personal ship. I thought it would be a really great to have one or two of these installed in the park.

These are just a small sample of the flowers she can work with and have planted in the gardens. I want alot of flowers in the park/garden because I really love flowers. It reminds me of my home world....*sigh*

These here are some kind of small lizards that she has worked with before. She says people love seeing these little things running around among the flowers and grasses. They need minimal care and are very hardy. All they need is a few heat rocks to keep warm and they will be happy in their garden home.

This is something called a snail. She told me I could add these to my garden too if I wanted. I think they are cute so I might add a few.

And this here is called a butterfly . I love this little creature, and I will definitely be adding this to my garden. She told me there are several varieties of these I can add. Wow, a selection of these little guys, it will be hard to pick. But I really do love this variety with the orange, black, and white- it is so beautiful.

*NOTE the lizards, snails, and butterflies are not food. They are to watch and admire, NOT EAT!!!*

Well with that said, I better go. Alot still needs to be done. Plus I have so much paper work to do on top of a already hectic schedule-I need help. I wish I could clone myself, that way I can get it all done in no time. Seriously--- maybe I can hire a helper for me, maybe a co-captain or something- just a thought.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Meeting with the Senate.

Well the meeting with Senate went great. They totally loved my presentation that they approved it all-even my idea for building an indoor park. They did want to make some (small) changes- or it was more like an add ons.

They want me to create a special meditation room for the Jedi. And have a nice conference room set up for meetings and such. I told them it was no problem and that I would get on it right away.

I did tell them one thing -the two upper levels were to be off limits. That is where I live, my special home. I have my very own HUGE apartment. I will share it with the ships bridge crew and other friends who come to visit. The level under mine is appointed to the rest of the crew-or at least those who want to live aboard the ship. Even the droids are given small rooms.

I explained to them how droids that I own or that work for me WILL be treated like a normal being. If anyone mistreats a droid will be handled the same as if they mistreated a live being. ALL droids will be given days off- if they want. And they will be able to do things anyone else can do, things like hobbies and interests. I told them all about Holg and how he can learn, and how he has feelings, and loves to paint. They thought I was crazy when I was telling them this, but they still agreed to it.

I think they were totally blown away when I told them that my mission with this ship is to bring peace at some level to this galaxy . I explained to them how both sides will be allowed on the ship, and how there will be no weapon allowed on the ship. And there will be absolutely NO fighting. They have to be able to live side by side for the time their aboard the ship. Any anger and hatred anyone has towards someone else, will be left on the docking bays or landing pads. This will be a fun vacation ship...full of fun and relaxation. It WILL be a peaceful ship for both sides.

With that said I was given 10,000 credits to get my ship operational soon. They also given me use of some clones to use for guards and other security purposes and also gave me some different kinds of droids. I asked if I can do some reprogramming on them -they agreed.

So overall the ship is underway of the grand opening. However, I'm still debating the name-which will be announced at the grand opening. I'm also thinking on holding a contest where anyone can buy raffle tickets and have a chance to win a free week stay at the ship. But it's still in the planning stage and I'm not sure if I want to do this yet.

Well this is all I have for now, so I got to go and work on.... stuff.

Wait I almost forgot I still have some job openings. I still need a DJ or a Band for the grand opening. I had one fellow show some interest, but I haven't heard from him in awhile. I also have opening for maids, janitors, a bartender, front desk help, and a few other jobs. I now need a gardener, and some one to help out in a day spa. If interested, please let me know.

Well NOW I believe that is all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Meeting with the Chancellor.

Well I arrive at Coruscant earlier today. I had to meet with the Supreme Chancellor as soon as I got here. He wanted to meet with him first, before going in front of the Senate, which will be tomorrow. He seems to be a very nice person, but I can almost see something evil that he carries deep with in his heart. However, he seems (to me) to be a very decent and nice person.

The meeting went really well (I think). I showed him the presentation, I explained to him what I wanted this ship to be. I showed him some pictures- because he was too busy to leave and because the ship wasn't ready yet. He liked everything I had to show him and tell him.

He had alot of questions . He wanted to know what the rules were for the ship. I explained to him every area has different rules. The main ship rules were :

1. No weapons aboard the ship- There will be a baggage check and a body scan in the main lobby area where everyone is to check in.
2. No fighting. If you do you will be kicked out no questions asked and no refund.
3. Everyone is to get along no matter what side of the war you are on.
4. No using hover boards, skates, or blades in any area unless it's in the hover park.
5. No stealing.

There are more but I don't want to list them all here.

He wanted to know what stores and restaurants I planed on having in the shopping area. So I gave him the list of ones who were interested so far. The stores include:
Wookie Wonderland- Clothes for the big and tall.
Jawa Jumpers- Clothes for the short and small.
The Whatnot- a knick -knack store.
(what ever the ship name is) Express - sells souvenirs from the ship. You know, shirts that say I've been here, kind of things

The restaurants / snack shops so far include:
The Taste of Tatooine. The main dish is Scurriers and they can serve it in alot of different ways. They fry it, roast it, bake it, broil it, and even bar-BQ it. They have a secret sauce called Tatoo Sauce (very good). They also serve alot of different things to many to name here.
Spice and Dice. It's a bakery. They have things things like spiced brownies, regular brownies, cakes, cookies, ect.
I'm working on a proposal for a McDooku's right now but there is no answer as of yet.
I told him I still have a lot of of shops that are not rented out yet. But I'm not worried, they will all be full in no time.

Palpatine then wanted to know more about me and where I came from. So I told him all about me and my life. EVERYTHING--- Some of the things that I told him I have never told anyone before. Things about my childhood, and how I got the way I am with all the implants. I told him how I got stranded on Crista, and about the attack that destroyed my species. I told him how I lived along for nearly 100 years , and how I built everything I had while there.
I then started to tell him all about my species and how we have the ability to join. He was really interested in this joining process, so I decided to show him. I joined with him and showed him what my planet looked like before the invasion. He told me it looked alot like his home world -Naboo. We walked along the main street and pointed out my favorite spots. I then changed the scenery to Christa and what my home looked like there, he was very interested in how I made everything. We talk about certain things that I made for awhile, and the I changed the scenery to what Neptonian looked like after the invaders left. There was nothing but dust, chunks of metal and rock, and bones. This is where I had to stop. We split from the joining process and he seemed almost as upset as me. We had to end the meeting there because he had another meeting with someone else. So we said our good byes and I left.

I just hope tomorrows meeting with the Senate goes just as good.
Well I have to go I have to practice my speech.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Attractions part II

Well I've gone through most of the applications and called up on the references. But there is still a lot to do before this ship is operational. I have picked up a few beings from Tatooine to help out with painting and cleaning. I have to head over to Coruscant to get some paper work to get proper licenses to operate this resort ship. Maybe I can pick up some more helpers along the way. There are still a lot of jobs available and a few shops and restaurants for rent -if anyone is interested.
As I promised I will show you some more pictures of inside the ship.

This here is a green house, it's used to grow plants. I plan on expanding it into a very large room that is located right next to this room. I want to make it into an indoor park. Maybe create a little stream and grow different flowers and other plants. Then everyone who comes aboard can enjoy it. I may also get certain small insects and maybe birds to live in there. Then it will seem more like a park on some planet and not a room on a ship. I will have to get it approved and get the proper permits.

This is the library as you see it's fully stocked with the actually paper books. There are tables with holo-net hook ups behind me. Everyone will be allowed access in here but is not allowed to take the books off the ship. I have already started to install sensor chips in the books that will set off an alarm if someone tries to take one .

These are a couple of the rooms we have aboard this ship

And these are a couple of the bathrooms that are in the very nice suites.

Well this is all the time I got for tonight. Plus I am having a little trouble posting the pictures. I think I may have a virus or something in the computer. I may post some more if I can get it to work better. But anyway I need to make some calls and go over a lot of paper work. I also have to check on the progress of the painting and cleaning. I leave for Coruscant first thing in the morning. So much to do and not enough time in the day to do it. Luckily I don't need sleep-but most of my employees do.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I wanted to show all of you some pictures of the attraction on my new ship. I have only posted a few pictures tonight because I still have a lot of applications to go though. I will be posting more tomorrow.

This is the bowling alley. The balls and shoes are available. There is also (not pictured) a game room for the kids.

If you enjoy rock climbing you will enjoy the Rock Wall. It has an area for the beginner and a area for the experts.

If you are into exercising the ship has a large exercise facility . An athletic director will always be available for questions. This area also includes (not pictured) a boxing ring and all the equipment.

This here is the pool. Very nice isn't it. There is also a large hot tub and a sauna (not pictured.)

The ship includes a very large night club. This is the stage in the night club. It would be perfect for any band, DJ, or live performance.

This is the bar at the night club. As you see it is already fully stocked.

Well this is all I got time for tonight.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I need help. I think it would be cool to open up my ship to the public. The problem is I need help, so I'm sending out this add in hopes I'll have a few responses.


Help Wanted

There is a new resort ship opening up and is looking for employees. Jobs include but are not limited too-
Waiters, Waitresses, Dishwashers, Bartenders, Janitors, Maids, Housekeepers, Lifeguards, Tour Guides, Day Care Helpers, Cooks, Security Guards, Any type of Law Enforcement, Desk Clerks, Cashiers, Athlectic Director, Doctors, And many many more. If you are interested please contact me. There are many more jobs available. So if you want a job and it's not listed in the list, just ask and I'll see if it is available. Also contact me if you have any questions of pay, or vacation, or any other matter that you may be wondering.

I will also need a group of volunteers to help get the ship ready. Jobs would include cleaning, painting, ect. This will be clearly voluntary, but if you're interested you will get a free room , free food, and free use of the facilitys.

Will need four references and previous job records.

I'm also looking into buying or trading droids. Any type of droid will work because reprogramming is not a problem. As of the moment I can't buy the droids. I am however, willing to let whoever give me there droids a free night (or longer) stay at the resort.

I'm also looking for beings who want to open up there own little shop or restaurant aboard the ship. There will be a rent due for the shops. I also need a Dj, or a Band, or any other live entertainment (no not strippers)

If you are interested in any of these job opportunities Please Contact me.


Ok guys how is that. I hope this add works. I really do need help getting this ship operational.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My new ship.

Well we made it to Tatooine and I got all my stuff out of storage. I sold or traded some items for some furniture and other little stuff. We then ran into this guy named Doug. Holg knew him, he told me Doug hitched a ride with him when I was in the coma. Doug asked us if he could come along. He and his (girl) friend split up and now he wants off Tatooine. So we now have three members on our ship.

As for the ship, I told you how awesome it was, right!

Well as I searched a few more areas and levels I found it to be....Unbelievable. This ship I think, used to be some sort of resort ship. It has a lot of different room. Different styles and sizes, it has rooms that are big and have big .....well everything, almost as if there are for large beings like the Wookies. It also has small rooms, meaning it has small everything, maybe for beings like the Jawas. It does has a lot of average size rooms too.

Well besides a lot of rooms, it has a large swimming pool with a hot tube and a sauna. It has a exercise room with the equipment still in it. There is what looks like a night club, it has pool tables, a dance floor, stage for a band or a DJ, and has a bar. There is even a whole level that looks a lot like a mall. There are little shops and restaurants (however everything is closed up). I found a sport type area, with a large field and even a rock wall. Then there is the library and greenhouse like I said in last nights post.

This ship is huge and has everything....I think I found my new home. Now if I can get others to stay or visit it would be perfect. Maybe someday I'll open it up as a resort ship, but for right now I don't have the crew or the money to do it. However if anyone wants to stay for awhile to would be ok just don't expect room service or anything.

Well I got to go, there is still alot of stuff that needs to be unpacked and organized.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Back To Tatooine.

Wow I'm so bored right now.

I have left for Tatooine early this morning. And there is nothing to do. Holg is busy navigating the ship and I'm trying to decide what rooms I want to use for what. This ship is like 10 times bigger then my old ship. The rooms are huge (well most of them are) and it's got one very nice bathroom (well actually it's got four). But the one that joins a large room that I'm using for my bed room, is so awesome. This whole ship is awesome, it's got everything (or can have everything.) It's got a room with shelves (library), a room I can use to grow plants, a huge kitchen with a dining area next to it, a living room, several rooms I plan on using for my labs, several extra bed room for my droids and guests. Holg already picked his room. I will be showing pictures of it once I get to Tatooine and get my stuff , including my camera.

I still can't believe the Major just gave me this ship. He said they got it for some royal family for helping save their daughter. And the army has no use for it because it don't have much for fire power, they were just going to sell it. But they decided to give it to me instead, for giving them some information on the Geonosians.

But right now there is nothing to do. And we are not going to get to Tatooine until tomorrow night. So I'm sitting here in my soon to be bed room and thinking how I'm going to decorate.

Well I going to go. There is a whole nother section of this ship I haven't seen yet, I'll keep you posted on what I find.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The starting of a new life.

Good news, I got a new ship. Major Blast offered me it for any information that I had on the Geonosians. I myself had nothing because of the coma I was in. But Holg had a lot of information. He is equipped with the ability to record any memories he has. So he recorded all conversations and anything else that may be of any use, onto a holo-disk and gave it to the Major. He also gave the Major some papers and medical records that he got after he apparently killed a doctor.

There must have been some very important information on what Holg gave him because he was really happy. I still don't feel right helping out with the war, but those Geonosians nearly killed me and Holg. I believe they are going to get what they deserve. But I still want nothing to do with this war -I just want some payback.

Well to move on to another subject.

Now that I got a ship, I can leave. But I'm not really sure where to go. I need to go back to Tatooine to get my stuff but then where do I go . I heard Naboo was very nice or I could go visit Rage and his buddies on Coruscant. Or maybe I'll just go where my ship takes me. I just don't know, I have some credits but not that much. And my crew only consists of me and Holg, at least until I get to Tatooine. Then I will be able to build some new droids.

Ohhh I miss doing my experiments and building things. Maybe I can do some maintance work on droids and other stuff. Or build new ones and sell them...Good way of getting some extra credits. There is also my job as a doctor. Maybe I can do that too. The options are endless.

So hey if any of you need help with anything from a broken toaster to a broken arm, I can help.