Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Message from Noel.

This is not Noel... it is Kolt, one of her droids. Noel told me to stay here and take care of the ship.

I may as well tell you what had happened since last night when Noel posted.

When we got here and had to wait for Nura to come back, she was out checking traps. When Nura came back she had an Ewok with her. This Ewoks name is Zephee. Nura was telling us how she ran into him in the forest, and luckily Doog was with her, he helped translate. After she convinced him that she meant him no harm, she asked for his help to find some insects and such. She goes on to say that he can't help because he is from another village, but he has friends in a village not to far from here, and that is where he is going.

But since it was getting dark and all sorts of strange creatures come out at night here, they all decided to stay the night in the ship (including Zephee). Zephee was fascinated with everything and he got into a lot of stuff. He was fun to have around though, and told us some interesting stories.

When morning came, Nura and Noel packed up some supplies and left for this village. They took Doog and another droid with them. They told me to stay here and wait for further instructions.

Not that long ago Noel sent a message over the comlink. It was a little bit scrambled and I could only make out some of it. She wanted me to tell all of you ....something, I didn't make it all out. SORRY! She did send a recorded message and the coordinates to the village back to me. She told me to get there soon (I think). I sent her a message over the comlink asking her to repeat what she said. I hope she gets it, if not I'll head over to the coordinates and see what she wants myself.

All I know is that she wanted me to tell you SOMETHING, so I'll write out what is said on the recorded message.

Here it goes.

*recording starts*

"I will put on the ID tags, and I'll have you record them Okay !" Nura

"Okay so all I do is give a description of the creature and it's ID number?" Noel


" That shouldn't be to hard."Noel

"Okay lets see.... ID number 13th6 is a butterfly with white fuzzy antenna and has blue wings with white spots. Is that good." Noel

"Perfect." Nura

"ID number 12yu8 is a butterfly that has red wings with black stripes."Noel

"ID number 87hg6 is a snail with and orange body and a white shell with tiny black spots." Noel

*Almost a half hour later*

*foot steps ( sounds more like a shuffle)*

"Come" This is from an Ewok....I 'm a translator.

"What." Noel

"Come." From the Ewok again... *more intensely*.

"I think it wants me to go with it." Noel

"Well tell it....hang on.....*yelling* Doog can you come here." Nura

*foot steps*

"Yes Master." Doog

"Doog can you tell him... Thank you for the help, but we don't need anymore." Nura

"Okay." ...*foot steps* And then Doog repeats the message in the native language.

*More footsteps going out and bunch of mumbles*

*long pause*

"Well that was kind of weird, I wonder what he wanted to show me?" Noel

"Probably some more insects or something." Nura

" Yea it was probably nothing." Noel * sigh*

"Okay we have to get back to work!" Nura

"Alright....ooppps I left the recorder running the whole time." Noel

"Don't worry about it... we can always edit it later." Nura

" Okay....*sigh* Were was I ....Ohhh yea, ID number 14ty78 is a snail with a peach body and a black shell with white stripes." Noel

*Goes on like this for another half hour*

*More foot steps*


" NOEL!?!?" voice unknown

* a shuffling noise*

"Whaaa..............................." Noel

"Hello Noel." voice unknown

*Short pause*


*End of recording*

That is all there is, and since I'm not there I can't tell you what happened.

Anyway I think I should head over to the coordinates and see what is going on.


Sitting and waiting...

I have to hurry with this post.

I just wanted to say that I just arrived at Endor. And I'm sitting here waiting for Nura to come back with the first bunch of creatures. She has been here since last night and had set some small insect traps. And she should be back with them.

There is not much on this planet but trees, lots and lots of trees. There is also a primitive culture that lives here. There is no technology at all on the whole planet.

I just can't stop thinking of Jomb, it is like he is here with me. But I know he is not, he is millions of light years away on some planet. I wonder what he is doing right now? I wonder if he still misses me? I wonder if I will EVER find him. I wonder.... a lot.

*sigh* I miss him.

Well Nura is back...and what's that.... one of the natives, an Ewok (I think.)

Got to go to work.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The search for Jomb is over... for now.

Well I THOUGHT I had a few more days to look for Jomb, but now I have to stop. *sigh* The reason being that there was a minor set back in finding some small creatures for the indoor park.

The person who was supposed to collect some samples got very sick and hasn't been able to go out and collect them. She's better now and has gone out to collect them. She is heading off to a planet named Endor, a planet clear across the galaxy and not even close to the range I'm searching. Despite the fact she normal works alone, she asked me to go there to help her collect and record all that she catches. She figures if there is two of us working on this we will get enough creatures and have them released in the park before the Grand Opening. She normally catch a few and brings them back to her lab on Coruscant to record and give ID tags to all of them. But with it now being so close to the Grand Opening she has to improvise. She created a small lab in her ship to do all the recording and stuff. She knows I'm a fast learner and that I'm good at taking record and stuff, that's why she asked me to help.

It may take me a day or so to get there if I leave right now...I just don't want to stop looking for Jomb, But I have too. The ship .... Yes the ship is more important right now. With the Grand Opening in less then a week it HAS to be more important. Yes it has to be....It just has to be.


I.... just feel so...so...ALONE!!!

*interruption from a droid over the comlink.*

"Noel are you ready for me to set the course to Endor."




"NOEL are you okay."

"Ahhhh... Sorry about that....Yes.... Yes set the course."

"Okay... Course is set."

*Noel walks over to the window and looks out at the distant stars*.

*Says to herself* "Good Bye Jomb.... I will find you SOMEDAY". She places her hand on the window as her eyes fill with tears.

*back on the computer*.

The search for Jomb is over ...For now.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Finally some communication!

I want to personally thank Adi Gallia for helping me out. She went and got a hold of Zebb for me. Apparently there wasn't anything wrong with the communication network on either ship. The problem was due to bad reception on the resort. Apparently, soon after I left, a small shuttle ran into the side of the resort and took out some antennas. Nobody knew about it because they were communicating fine with the planet. It was the long range communications they were having problems with (but didn't know). But right after Adi contacted Zebb, he sent some astero droids out to fix the antennas. Right after they were fixed he contacted me and brought me up to date on the details of everything going on around the ship.

He told me that everything is on schedule and going as planed. He told me that the new docking ship is now in orbit next to the resort. This docking ship will hold close to 1 million personal sized vessels. Also, almost all of the taxi shuttles are ready for work. The good thing is that these taxi's are computer programmed and need no driver. The route is preprogrammed into the computers aboard the taxi. And just in case anything goes wrong with the computers on the taxi we have a whole bunch of droids ready to drive them at anytime. These taxi's also are equipped with scanning devices for weapons. Only jedi with a proper jedi license are allowed to bring their lightsabers. And one more thing about these taxi's if anyone tries to mess with the computer it will set off an alarm, and if tampering continues, it will self destruct ( at a good distance from the resort.)

He did tell me they were having some problems setting up the new force field. They have never seen such technology before and were having problems following the directions. I told him not to worry, that I will get it to work when I get back. And until the force field is set up they can't work on the ships systems that will allow only those special taxi shuttle through the field.

I want my ship to be a peaceful ship. Everyone is welcome aboard, if they only put their differences aside. It's going to be a safe place, that when you're aboard you don't have to worry about the war. And if these are the precautions I have to take to keep my resort a safe place, then so be it.

He told me all the remodeling is done, all the painting is complete, everything has arrived for the hotel section. He said everything is done besides a few small details. I can't wait until it is opened... Actually I can't wait until Jomb is found.

I have had no luck in finding him. I have search several more systems and found nothing. I have to be back to the resort in less then a week for the Grand Opening. I may have to give up searching for Jomb until after the resort is open. Then I don't know how long it will take for me to continue afterwards. I will have so many parties to attend, and meetings to go to, and guest appearances to make, that I may have to wait a few more weeks to continue the search. I was so hoping to find Jomb before, but it is looking quite bleak.

However I WILL find him. I have a feeling he can't leave where he is. So it is not like he can go somewhere else. He is out there and I will find him SOMEDAY.

I was just hoping it would have been sooner then later.

And I want to thank Adi Gallia for contacting the resort for me. I will make sure she gets a free week stay at the resort in the luxury suite. Plus a day of beauty at the spa and anything else she may want to do, it's free. I'm doing this because she is the only who said she would help in a time when I needed it. THANK YOU.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Can anyone hear me?

Hello... Anyone out there. Can you hear me.

Apparently I haven't got any word back from home base (the resort) in almost a week. I send out information to Zebb but he has yet to respond back. I'm getting worried.

I'm starting to wonder if either my communication network isn't working or the one on the resort isn't. This is my finally hope, I'm sending out this message on my computer in hope someone....Anyone is getting this. I have deactivated to the security code to this blog (even though I know some of you hack into and read it.) But right now it is open to everyone and if I don't receive a message back then the problem lays on my ship. If I do then the problem lays on the resort...Otherwise they are to busy to send word back.

This is my last option, PLEASE if anyone gets this, send word back. And if you get this and are near Coruscant (that's where the resort is orbiting) please tell Zebb or someone of any importance that something is wrong with the communication network on the resort. Tell them Noel sent you .... if my security droids ask why you need to see Zebb give them this passcode: 148ty-87gh. This passcode should at least tell Zebb something is wrong with the communication. I set this up for this kind an emergency...good planning.

But please if you get this let me know, I could use any kind of good news right now.

I've just about given up hope...But I CAN'T give up yet...I just feel so alone. I could use some encouragement or something. I almost forgot how lonely space can be. I have spent so many years alone, and I found it weird being with other beings. Then I got used to it....Now I'm lonely all over again. Will my life ever settle to a normal setting.

Well at least I got my droids for company....They don't talk much though.

Well this is all. So PLEASE if you get this send me a message back, OK.



Some what good news.

Well it has been a couple days since my last post. I have not found Jomb yet and the time for the Grand Opening is getting nearer. I fear I won't find him before I have to go back.

I have been through a couple more uninhabited systems. I have nothing really to post about except for the fact of one piece of good information. While I was doing a quick scan of an asteroid belt, my scans picked up an unusually plant life form. I sent out my droids to get a sample, it is quite unusual to find plant life on a asteroid.

After I got the sample, I went to my make-shift lab and started to study it. And remarkably, it closely resembles the one plant on Neptonian that can stop my raging hormones. I did some tests of it and sure enough it subsided my hormones to a more tolerable level. So that is the good news....I can finally be normal again...For the time being. The only problem is this plant is not as strong, so I have to drink the mix every 12 hours ...Other wise my hormones come back 10 times worse.

I had my droids gather enough plants to last me a couple months. I also marked the spot of this belt on my map for future use. So just in case I don't find Jomb, I have the plants to help.

I miss him... At least now I don't have to worry about attacking anyone in my urge to mate. So that is a relief.

Man do I really miss him.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Three down...half a million to go.

I have been flying though space for the last few days....and no Jomb. I have been through several different systems, scanning every plant, moon, and asteroid belt for any sign of him, and found NOTHING.

The first planet was Hoth:

I scanned this planet and found some signs of life, but not Jombs. I flew down for a closer look and this is what I found:

The whole planet was ice and snow. And among some snow peaked hills there was a small herd of lizard like creatures called Tauntauns. And nearby was another furry creature called a Wampa. And just by looking at the planet I knew there was no way Jomb was here, so I moved on to the next.

The next planet I found life was Felucia:

Felucia is a hot and humid planet with huge fungus forests. There is a few small settlements but when I stopped they said they never heard of him. I scanned for his life sign and for his ship and found nothing. This plant was quite interesting. There are huge plants that can actually defend themselves by shooting spores and sharp barbs or are poisonous. Most of the native wildlife is partially or completely translucent. And some of the people living there actually use a giant ground beetle as transportation. I took a picture while there:

The last inhabited planet I found was called Muunilinst:

This planet has a vast number of huge cities. And at first glance (like Hoth) I knew Jomb was not there. But I scanned anyway and once again ....NOTHING. I even talked to the head of security there and they have never heard of him or even seen his ship.

I'm not giving up hope there is still a lot of space and thousands of planets to search. And we will be together again ... Someday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where in the universe is Jomb?

Following the beacon may turn out harder then thought. The problem is the signal is so weak and only lasted a short time. I did however narrow it down to a sector of space:

It may not seem to be that much, but there is a lot a systems in that little circle. And Jomb is some where in there.

While my Droids are resetting the course I have another tag to do. This one is from my new stand up comedian Dorme.

Here is is:

Top 10 things that make you happy right now, and tag 5 people to do the same,

10.My blog.
9. My resort.
8. My friends at the resort.
7. Knowing the Grand Opening will be held soon.
6. Knowing Jomb is alive.
5. Knowing Jomb knows I'm alive.
4. Knowing Jomb made it to this galaxy.
3. Knowing Jomb misses me.
2. Knowing Jomb still wants to be with me even after being separated for 100 years.
1. Knowing I will be with Jomb in a short time.

Lets see, there is Jomb ( if he gets this message), My friend Chelley, My new DJ General Grievous, Obi Wan, and the Chancellor.

Well I going to go check on our progress.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm off...

Well I'm off to find Jomb, but first I had to go over to Tatooine for some Survivor banquet. I was invited because I had voted for Qui-Gon and he won. You can read about the banquet here . He gave me a check for 10,000 credits and a new karaoke machine. The karaoke machine will be great entertainment when Grievous or Dorme can't work. And the money will come in handy to buy the birds and other little creatures for the indoor garden.

I only stayed for a little while, because I really wanted to get searching . I told everyone about my new adventure and assured everyone that the resort will be open in a couple weeks (even if Jomb is not found). Ever since I have gotten word that Jomb is alive my hormones have been tolerable. I just keep thinking that once Jomb is found I will (rest of statement has been deleted due to the young ones who may be reading). So all I have to do is keep thinking that and I'm fine. And I made it through the banquet without any problems.

Right after the banquet, I left. Yoda gave told me to try Kashyyyk, so that's where I'm heading. This is about the only tip I have so far. I just hope I find him soon and that he is among friendly beings. Not like the problem I had on Geonosis

*over the intercom*

" Noel, can you come out here."

"Why, I'm kind of busy right now."

"Well you told us to call you if we had received any strange signals."

" Yea....Well did you.

" Ahhhh... yea."

" OK ...I'll be right out."

*Leaves room*

*sometime later*

Ohhh my you won't believe this, I had received a very weak transmission beacon from Jomb. I know it's from him, it's in Neptonian army code. I may be able to get the location of the beacon, and find Jomb.

Ohhhh I'm so excited.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I had this strange dream last night and when I woke up it was clear as day. So I drew part of the dream on a piece of paper. I figured if I had something to look at it may help me locate Jomb. This is what it looked like:

I know the planet is Neptonian (or at least was) . The thing on the upper right hand corner is what Neptonian looked like after the invasion.

The ship is Jombs old fighter ship.

Then there is the Grand Opening sign with the scissors. Which is obvious, the grand opening of my resort. By the way, has been put on hold until Jomb is located (I KNOW I will find him). Zebb has been doing a great job with the ship so far. But there is still a lot that needs to be done. So I was thinking, while he finishes getting the resort ready, I will go find Jomb. I'll take one of my personal shuttles and maybe a few droids and go search for him.

Which brings me back to the vision. The trees are easy, but where they are located is the hard part.

I also remember seeing a spear... Why I don't know why....Maybe Jombs been hurt with one or maybe it's a weapon he has made to hunt.

Now what I don't understand is what the blurry things are...I need to figure out what these are and maybe Jomb is with them. *stop's to study picture*

*sometime later*

I miss Jomb so much....I just can't believe he is alive.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Potential Mate......?

Well my droids have been having trouble getting and staying in contact with the ones that I'm studying.

There is still Anakin who apparently has been in the Hospital for awhile.

Fluke has been off fighting this enemy named Darth Tater. And I can't get a droid aboard his ship with out some one getting suspicious.

Count Dookuhas all but disappeared. He was last seen on Kashyyyk. However there is a rumor he is staying with the Chancellor . I heard there was a very very strong smell of cologne in his office. And it was definitely not the kind he wares. I haven't been able to get a droid into follow him, so I don't know if it true or not.

Jar Jar has been very busy with his potato business. And he disappeared before my droids got to where he lives. Luckily they arrived when they did other wise he wouldn't have an apartment. Apparently he left in such a hurry he left some potatoes in his deep frier. The apartment was completely filled with smoke and flames were shooting from the frier. My droids managed to put out the fire and clear the smoke from his apartment. Ohhh by the way Jar Jar there is no damage to your place. However it might smell like burnt potatoes for awhile.

General Grievous has also played the disappearing game. My droids have noted that at night he is asleep in his quarters but by early morning he is gone. There is no trace of him leaving, no shuttles are missing, NOTHING. I great mystery.

Qui Gon has been having this ghostly visitor, named Jo-Jo. And JJ has been off visiting his family. They are both very busy with their brownie business.

So it's nearly impossible to study them. I may just give up. However I may not need them, I believe Jomb may be alive. I have received a simple message from him but I haven't gotten another one. I have also been getting these feelings that I haven't felt in a very long time. And I think they are coming from Jomb.

You see our species has this ability to link even when apart. Especially in times of stress. It seems to make the feelings come out more. It's a lot like how the Jedi use the force to feel others in pain.

And I can FEEL Jomb... I know I can. He is some where in this galaxy, but stuck on some planet....problem with the ship. He is alive.... and......among TREES, a lot of trees and more... I ......just can't.... make it out. Ahhh geez I lost it. You see we can send these visions too, but the further away it is, the more interference there is. So he has to be pretty far away.

Well I got to go, and see if I can get a connection again.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Jomb's Alive!!!

Jomb....is alive....

I think....

I have received a message from him last night.

And I have sent a message to him to see if it is really him. This would be completely amazing if he is still alive.

I just don't understand how this could be....It's ....It's ...Amazing.

Sorry, I'm completely speechless. I have always believed him to be dead since he never came back for me. He left me there all alone....How could he.

Wait... There was.... ohhh my god NO. There was that time right after the attack on Neptonian, that those aliens came to Christa. I had to hide in the vast system of caves to avoid them. They were there for almost a year, until they finally left. Scariest year of my life.

But I remember coming across some dead aliens...Looked like they were shot. And close by there was what appeared to be a deserted campsite. It may have been Jombs ...I don't know.

Hopefully I'll here back from him and figure this all out. I'll have to let you go because right now I am WAY to excited to write.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Resort Update

Well I haven't received any new reports in yet. Which is good because I have finally got my new holo recording/imaging device. Now I can keep in contact with the outside world.

Once set up, I had Zebb brief me personally. Since I only heard from him through my droids. He told me the resort is coming around wonderfully. The indoor park is near completion, the pool has had a new filter put in. Painting is complete up to the 16th level. He has a new shipment of books coming in, in a couple of days.
He has the whole mall area booked with small businesses and restaurants. He has gotten a lot done in the past week or so.

I'm just glad I had found such a wonderful guy, before my little problem hit me.

Now if only I could find a mate. I really want someone who can sweep me off my feet. Someone who isn't into himself, someone who can count past ten, and someone who is very nice.

I really have a thing for mating with co-workers. I just can't do it. It's...... just ....that I'm scared that I won't feel the same for them afterwards. My hormones work in mysterious way. I don't know what will happen before- during -or after mating. Normally when we reach our first Polixy we have our elders to help out. They give tips and pointers and help answer any questions we may have . The bad thing is this is the only time we are allowed to talk about it. Reaching Polixy and mating is supposed to be special, something you share only with your life long mate. But that's were I'm stuck, I have no life long mate, I have no elders, I have no home. I have....... NOTHING. Nothing at all.

I.....have ..... to .....go......


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Potential Mate...Yoda

Well once again I have received reports back. This time there from Yoda.
Ummmm...It maybe my hormones talking, but I have to admit he is one VERY good looking fellow. I really have a thing for green...It's my favorite color.

But, sorry to say Yoda isn't for me. There are several reasons why I am not choosing him:

One- he is short, and NOT just a couple of inches, a couple feet is more like it. Now I don't have a problem with short beings. But Yoda....Yoda is REALLY short. I have seen younglings taller then him. I kind of wonder if he ever worries about being stepped on by..... Ohhh... Let say Wookies.

Two- his attitude. He seems grumpy all the time, does he ever smile...I would like to know. He always bosses everyone around. And what's up with threating everyone with these force-wedgies. Talk about mean...I believe he gave me one and I don't even know him. To show just how mean he really is, I'll show you one of his blog posts... Just CLICK HERE and see for yourself.

Three-..Well three is everything else. His way of talking is kind of confusing. I'm not even going to try and talk like him. His age is kind of a factor too. Being ....What... Like 900 or something, is old. Well actually, not for me it isn't. I can live to be 2000, so 900 for me is like mid-life. But in ....Well what the heck is Yoda anyway. Well what ever he is, Yoda is old. And then there's that pet Bantha I believe he calls Bob:

Now, I wouldn't want that running around MY ship.

Well that's all I can find wrong with Yoda. However I have only scanned the reports... So there may be more. But this is enough to tell me Yoda is not the one. Even though I find his color green a real turn on.


Well since I'm talking about Yoda, I want to get a point across. Everyone refers to him as a MONKEY. I can see no resemblance:

And actually this isn't really a monkey... It's an ape. It comes from a planet very very far away called Earth

This here, however is a real monkey... From the same planet. And I still see no resemblance between it and Yoda.

I did, however find a creature that looks like Yoda ... You want to see.







Keep on going.








And going.







And going.







Your there: This here is a gremlin, I'm not sure exactly were it's from. It did, however invade Earth some time ago. It's got the same green color and same nasty attitude, plus it's short.. However it can't eat after midnight, and no water or sun. Water makes it mutiply and the sun kills it.

This may be a distant relative or cousin of Yoda. I don't know, but I can definitely see a resemblance.

This is what a gremlin looks like before it eats after midnight. Isn't he cute.