Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Need Some Time To Myself.

I climbed out of the speeder and looked at my house.

This is the house I bought way back... before the attack and the kidnapping. When Zebb and I first started going out. I quickly shook my head of those thoughts and turned to pay the driver and get my bags.

I slowly walked to the door and unlocked it. The door opens and I step in. To my amazement the whole place has been furnished.

Holg said there would be a surprise for me when I arrived. Well I am surprised. It is real nice to have a droid that is programmed to know everything I like. And I like everything except the area rug. The flowers just don't go with the rest of the stuff.

I cross the living room and head straight for one of the bed rooms. I drop my bags in the largest of the three rooms.

This too is really beautiful. A little dark, but I love the bed. I go over to it and lay down for a minute, and find out that it is really comfortable too.

I get up and go over to the French style doors that leads out to the patio and pool area. The hot tub sounds great right about now. So I strip off my clothes and slip a robe on.

I walk outside and past the pool.

Even though I may never swim in it, I still love it. It is so beautiful just to look at. I walk up the path the leads to the hot tub.

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Once there I slip out of my robe and into the hot tub.

It is so great to have a privacy fence surrounding the back yard. Plus it's not like I have neighbors anyway. The only house next to me is the old Big Brother house that looks like it was abandoned after the show.

I lay back in the hot water and close my eyes. My mind wanders back to the weekend.

For me the party was extremely busy. If I wasn't in my office, I was down in the main lobby welcoming guests. I did make an appearance in The Club on Saturday night. But I just sat back, had a few drinks, bought a few rounds for the guests, and watched everyone else dance and have fun. After closing, I went back up to my apartment. But not before buying a few rounds for the non-droid employees. It was fun.

On Sunday I announced the new captain. The decision wasn't really that hard. I just went with the one member who has worked hard and has never complained once. Holg.

He has stood by my side since I built him. He is programmed to learn new things and express emotion. He is more alive then some of the other crew members I work with. He was the only one who never gave up searching for me. Even after all hope was lost, he just wouldn't stop. And for that devotion and friendship he got the job.

What really surprised me. Was that nobody complained, everyone accepted him as their captain. I guess to them he is just another member, even if he is a droid. Which makes me really happy. Because I have always wanted a place where droids and living beings can work together as equals and I finally reached that dream.


Blogger Synth-Lin said...

I'm glad you made use of the shots Koma and I sent you when we used the place last month.

That Hot Tub is a dream, and the lack of neighbours is a godsend. Naked is the only way to enjoy a hot tub. Even Koma got in.

So sorry we couldn't turn up at the party. Koma is going to see his grandparents. He's thinking about taking over Perth. I don't understand.

Love you all


5:11 AM  
Blogger Darth Nepharia said...

Hope you enjoy your well-deserved time off. :D

7:45 AM  
Blogger Vampirella said...

thanks for your advice

7:31 AM  
Blogger Justice said...

the zoo was fun thanks

7:35 AM  

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