Friday, December 29, 2006

Working out and the Blue Beast

I lay back in bed, exhausted. The past couple weeks I have been put through hell, just to get better.

After being brought back I was out of it for a few days. Just long enough to be brought to Earth and to Xavier's mansion, by Jomb. I woke up in the mansions medical center. Jomb left shortly after. I swear there is something wrong with that man. He is always running away, like he is afraid of me or something. Yet he tells me he still cares for me and promises me he will return to be with me someday.

I shake my head and sigh. I don't want to think about me, it just confuses me too much. I roll over and look over a rule sheet for some kind of race that the X-men are having.

When I was well enough to get out of bed and walk around some I over heard a couple of them talking about it. After talking to my doctor, Dr. McCoy, or Hank as every one calls him, about it, I wanted to join. But the only way I could join was to get in prime condition. So here I have been working out with Hank trying to get fit. He has been working me to the bone. I come back to my room every night wishing I stayed dead. But after a good night sleep I feel much better, only to do it over again. The first few days of working out, I cried myself to sleep, I was in that much pain. But at least now I only ache a little.

Plus I couldn't have asked for a better doctor, or partner. Yeah you heard me, he is my partner for this race. He told me if I got fit enough he would be my partner. I think he didn't think I could do it, but I did and now we are together. It will be fun. We have got along great so far, even though he like to push me to my limits. But I don't mind. I kind of like it. Plus have you ever seen him without a shirt on. I know my jaw dropped to the floor the first time I did. The muscle and blue fur.....

I smile and turn the light off. Thinking about the blue Beast and me racing together.

What a dream.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Brought Back.

The time has come for me to be brought back.

I sit at a chair near the table and start to meditate. I can hear Starlena's voice softly in my head as she chant. The language is very old Nepton and unused for thousands of years, so I am not sure what she is saying.

As I drift off in meditation the voice becomes louder. All around me is mist and I can see nothing. I start to feel like I am floating. The the pain hits.

It feels like my body was thrown in a lava pit. I try and scream but there was nothing but the sound of Starlena's chanting, growing louder and louder. The pain gets more intense, as my body starts to form. I once again try and scream, but nothing. I find I can't even breath, and I start to panic. Just as I think I can't handle any more and beg for Starlena to stop, I start to breath. The air that enters my newly formed lungs is very cold and burns. I find myself gasping for breath and then finally let out the screams I have been holding in. Despite the pain, I start to struggle frantically. I feel cold air on my skin as I move around. Then suddenly
I feel a pair of strong arms around me, stopping me from struggling. I hear a very familiar male voice whispering in my ear. I am unable to hear what he is saying over the chanting that is still in my head and ears. But this males voice still calms me just the same.

I feel the pain and cold leave my body as the chanting stops. I still can't see through the mist and very bright lights, so I close my eyes. I lean back into the body that is holding me as I hear him say "Welcome back." Then everything goes black......