Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Brought Back.

The time has come for me to be brought back.

I sit at a chair near the table and start to meditate. I can hear Starlena's voice softly in my head as she chant. The language is very old Nepton and unused for thousands of years, so I am not sure what she is saying.

As I drift off in meditation the voice becomes louder. All around me is mist and I can see nothing. I start to feel like I am floating. The the pain hits.

It feels like my body was thrown in a lava pit. I try and scream but there was nothing but the sound of Starlena's chanting, growing louder and louder. The pain gets more intense, as my body starts to form. I once again try and scream, but nothing. I find I can't even breath, and I start to panic. Just as I think I can't handle any more and beg for Starlena to stop, I start to breath. The air that enters my newly formed lungs is very cold and burns. I find myself gasping for breath and then finally let out the screams I have been holding in. Despite the pain, I start to struggle frantically. I feel cold air on my skin as I move around. Then suddenly
I feel a pair of strong arms around me, stopping me from struggling. I hear a very familiar male voice whispering in my ear. I am unable to hear what he is saying over the chanting that is still in my head and ears. But this males voice still calms me just the same.

I feel the pain and cold leave my body as the chanting stops. I still can't see through the mist and very bright lights, so I close my eyes. I lean back into the body that is holding me as I hear him say "Welcome back." Then everything goes black......


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

That whole lava pit thing doesn't sound like much fun but I'm glad you're back.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

Hello Noel

10:30 PM  
Blogger SHI said...

invite image

Oike Gallery is having a Xmas Auction....
Invites have been sent and some stole... (were you the one that stole one?)
Let us know... please send POV of the Auction by friday

Send RSVP (POV) by Firday

Welcome back

3:06 PM  

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