Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Great week.

Wow.... I have a lot to say tonight. First of all I want to say sorry for not posting lately. I have been pretty busy. Between buying a house and spending time with Zebb, I haven't had a lot of free time.

I'm sure you all are wondering how that date with Zebb went. Well let's just say it was wonderful.

We had lunch at this cute little outdoor place near the river. After lunch we took a long walk along the river. We talked- He told me how his visit with his family went, and I talked about being on Big Brother. I also talked about the houses that I had looked at.

I told him I couldn't decide which one to buy. And he offered to give me his opinion on them. We were in the area that most of the houses were in, so we just walked to them.

He didn't have much to say about them.... he too liked them all. And he only seen the outside. I told him that I had an appointment the following day to see them all one last time. It so happened that my offers were turned down. So I decided to see them again and see if they were worth what the asking price was. I asked if he would like to come along and offer his opinion about the inside. He said he would be happy too.

After showing him the houses, we decided to head back to the speeder. About half way there I realized we were in the same neighborhood that the Big Brother house was in. So I figured I would show him the place I spent four week at.

As I pointed it out, I noticed two things. First of all there was a huge hole in the roof. I still kind of wonder what had happened. Second, I seen that the house next door was for sale. Zebb seen it too and asked if I had seen that one yet. I said no....that it must be a new listing. I have loved that house since I first saw it. There was something about it that made me think of home. I then knew that this was the house I was going to buy. Zebb too, seemed to like it. Here is that house:

After Zebb and I got back to the speeder, I contact the real estate agent. I wanted see that new house along with the rest of them.

Well I don't want to bore you with details of the date. So all I'm going to say was that it was the best day ever. We did go dancing.... and he is an awesome dancer. And so is his kiss.....

The next day we got together and ate some lunch at another nice place. We then went and spent the rest of the the day looking at the houses. And I even made an offer for that new house. That night, Zebb took me out to a very romantic dinner. And we ended up back at the hotel I was staying at. I'm not saying anything. But I didn't wake up alone the next day:)

So yeah...... Zebb and I have spent almost everyday together. It has been so much fun. And yesterday I found out that the offer went through on the house. See I KNEW I was going to live there..... to bad it's right next door to the Big Brother house.

They told me I could move in right away. So today I went down there and signed the papers. And right now I'm sitting in my living room of my new house. Now all I have to buy all the stuff for it. I'm so excited...... and I never been happier.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Trip To The Zoo.

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post.... But I have been busy. I have made offers on a couple of the houses yesterday. I'm still waiting to see if the owner accepts it or not.... Right now it is a waiting game.

Today was pretty cool. Despite the warnings Jaba gave me to NOT go to the Naboo Zoo, I did anyway. And I have to say it wasn't all that bad. Jaba recorded his visit to the zoo. You can read it HERE.

All those animals reminded me of ...Well myself. Born with defects myself I know what it is like to have to live with them. I'm just glad to see that I'm not alone... Glad to see that these animals can survive with what they are born with. To me it is kind of heart warming.

But that's me....

I too have some pictures to show of the zoo. Jaba only showed a small section of it. There is also an area with albino animals, that I really enjoyed. Here are some pictures:

Pretty cute Hummmm......

There was a big cat area that had some interesting cats... See pictures for yourself:

This is called a Liger or a Tigon. They both basically mean the same thing. A Liger is a hybrid of a male lion and female tiger. And a Tigon is a hybrid of a male tiger and female lion. Either way they both look like this cat.

This is a Golden Tiger. As you see is is missing the black stripes. It does however have dark orange stripes. This is another very beautiful tiger.

This is I believe an albino tiger.... but it was kind of hard to tell. It does seem to have some gray color stripes on it's tail.

And still again another gorgeous big cat

This next picture is different. It is still a tiger, but one that has a birth defect... Look and see...

I still think in its own way, it is cute.


Well this is all for tonight. I need some sleep, because Zebb and I are going out tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what we are doing yet, but he said it will be fun.

I can't wait.....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

House hunting...

I have been very busy looking at houses, trying to find that perfect one. I have narrowed it down to a couple. I will show you them, but first I will show you the ones I HAD to say no too.

Here is a couple that needed WAY too much work.... plus they look kind of spooky!!!

What do you think???

Then there was these houses.... can you guess what is wrong with them.... yeah they are WAY to small. Plus just look at the second one.... no yard. And you can see right into the other house.

This one isn't much better.... but at least it has a yard ....

Then there are the houses that are just WAY too big. Like these....

I mean...COME ON, who in their right mind would want to live in one of these. They look like castles.....

Now all these others are really nice.... almost perfect. I know a couple of them seem a little big, but I want big... just not HUGE.

I'm having a hard time choosing.... which one do you like? I love them all, inside and out, all are very nice.

So what do you think???

I personally like the first one and the last one.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Valentine's Day.

Well I know some of you are wondering what exactly happened yesterday, and I will tell you now.

I was out all morning looking at houses. I had gotten up early and went to a Real Estate Agent. I explained to a lady who worked there, what kind of house I was looking for. We went over some properties on paper. And after narrowing it down to several, we went and looked at them.

They were all extremely nice houses, and I'm still deciding which one to buy. So I will get back to you on that.

Well after looking at several house I decided to call it a day and came back to the hotel. When I got back to the hotel, the person at the front desk said that several things were delivered to me and he had them sent to my room. I asked him what it was, all he said was it would be a surprise. I thanked him and headed for my room. As I walked to my room I was kind of curious as to what was sent and who sent them.

Well lets just say I was extremely surprised when I opened my door to my room. There was flowers, candy, and several other gifts sitting around the room. I was.... well.... surprised. I have only heard about the holiday everyone calls Valentine's day. I never knew what it was all about.... till now. A day to show love.

There was three vases full of flowers. As I looked at the first one:

It had a small card in it. I opened it and it said it was from Scott. He apologized for the night before and wanted to make it up to me. He said he would contact me to explain what was going on.

And he did, awhile later. He explained that he had just gone through a very bad break up with his girlfriend. He told me he normally is a very sweet guy, but ever since the break up, he feels like his life has fallen apart. That's why he drank so much.... and he admits he gets stupid when he is drinking. He told me he would understand if I never wanted to see him again. I told him I would think about it.

The second one:

Was from Jomb. This really surprised me. I haven't heard from him since he left. (In the card) He told me he misses me and thinks about me often. He has been traveling the galaxy learning all about the other beings that live here. He too said he would contact me later.... and sure enough he did.

He told me what he has been up too... I told him about being on Big Brother, and that I'm going to be buying a house here pretty soon. He was excited for me and said he should be in the area within the next couple of weeks, and wanted to know if I wanted to get together with him. I was a bit worried about this. I had finally gotten over him and now he was coming back.... I didn't think I could handle another break up with him. I said sure..... but only as friends. I told him I didn't want to be hurt again. He sounded sad, but said okay.

Then the third vase of flowers:

Was from Zebb. I was extremely curious about this one. But we have always been a very good friend... and friends can give each other flowers.... RIGHT. It wasn't until I talked to him that I found out the truth. And all his card said was 'contact me'.

So I did, after I was done talking to the other guys. And man was I surprised with what he told me. He told me how he feels about me.... that he likes me and wants to go out on a date (and I'm sure you all know that). But the thing is, I like him as a friend. And I didn't want to ruin that.

So I told him about the other guys and their gifts. He seemed okay with that. And he told me that if I wanted to see them too he would be okay with it. He just wanted to take me out to dinner and maybe a movie, then see what happens from there. He continued stating that he wasn't looking for anything long term.... just a simple date. Nothing more - Nothing less. And after that date, if it was decided it wouldn't work out, he would be more then happy to continue being friends. Nothing more - Nothing less. But if it turned out good and we agree that it would work out.... well... yeah you get the picture.

And he told me that whatever happens he will always be there for me.... no mater what.

I have to admit he is a very sweet and caring guy.... and I do have some.... small.... tiny..... ity-bity feelings for him.

I also got this from Zebb.... mmmmm...... chocolates. I love them, they are so good.

And they go so well with the another gift Jomb sent: A bottle of wine and a teddy bear.... how sweet.

So the reason I couldn't post last night was because I was up extremely late talking to Zebb.... yes we did talk about other things, (work and such).

Today I haven't done a whole lot..... just going over the houses tying to decided which one I like the best. Basically the same with the guys too....

And right now I am sitting in my private hot tub eating chocolates, drinking wine, and getting pretty tired. So I guess it is off to bed for me..... have a very long day tomorrow. I'm going house hunting....


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The date.

Well, I had gone out with Scott tonight. It wasn't to bad for the most part.... But I definitely won't be seeing him again.

The date started out pretty good.

He was 20 minutes late.... but he bought me flowers. I love flowers. He told me the reservation for dinner was at 6:00 and since it was only 4:30, we decided to take a walk to a local park. As we walked, we told stories about ourselves.... it was really nice. When we got there I went and sat on a bench near the lake. He sat next to me and talked and joked some more. He was really sweet... and had a nice smile.

Then there was dinner.

He took me to one of the fanciest restaurants in town. When we got there, he opened my door for me.... so sweet. We were still a bit early so we decided to sit at the bar. I had strawberry-mellon fruit drink, and he had couple Martinis and several shots....in the half hour we waited. When the table was finally ready we went and sat down. He order a few more drinks alone with my dinner. At least he ordered something half way good, even though I didn't know what kind of meat it was.

After dinner we went out to a night club. It was packed full of people. I wanted to go somewhere... well.... less crowded. But he insisted I would have a good time. So I followed him in. He seemed to be well known in this place... everyone knew him by name. He went up to the bar and sat and ordered more to drink.... then he lit up a cigar. All I thought was, "Ohhhh no this is definitely not going to work out." I don't care to much for smoke (makes me sick). But I sat by him anyway, since he was nice enough to keep the smoke away from me. While he drank, he watched some form of sports game on the holovison. The bartender came up to him and they talked. I'm not sure what they said I know he bet money on one of the teams. Because when it was over he jumped up and yelled that some guy owed him 50 credits.

I believe he was completely wasted by this time.... but he wanted to dance, so I danced with him. The good thing is he was not a mean drunk. He was actually kind of funny. He dance all crazy like during the fast songs. But once a slow song came on he chilled out and we slow danced together. And even though he was drunk, he was a pretty good dancer, only stepped on my foot twice.

One of the major problems was that he was flirting with every girl in there. He even danced with a couple and bought a few drinks for some others. This hurt me to see him with someone else while I was on a date with him. I got (very) mad but found it pointless to yell at him. I was afraid he would leave with another girl, and then regret it later. Plus I wasn't about to leave him there .... he needed a ride home.

Half way through the evening, he looked like he was about to pass out. I suggested it was time to go home, and he agreed. When we got back to his place (I wouldn't let him drive home), we walked up to the door to his place. He really wanted me to come in. But I said no.... I'm not like that. He got all mad and started to push me into his place. I got equally mad and started to push back. Let's just say I won the pushing match, mainly because he passed out. Being the nice person that I am, I picked him up and brought him into his apartment. I layed him down on his couch, put a blanket on him and left. Ohhh, I did leave a note telling him if he didn't clean up his act ALOT, I didn't want to see him again.

I left, took a taxi back to my speeder, and went back to the hotel.

That is where I am right now. And it has been a really long day, and I'm ready for bed. I just wanted to tell you how the date went.

Sooooo..... Good Night.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm free...

Well I have been voted off.

After I left the house and a taxi brought be to the space port my ship was at, I contacted Holg. I told him I had been voted off, he seemed pretty disappointed. Then I told him I wanted to stay on Naboo for awhile longer, and asked if he could send a ship down to pick up Bell and the lemons I won. He said he would, along with some personal belonging.... because I had nothing.... everything was left in the house, and a speeder.

While I waited for the ship to arrive, I tried to contact Zebb. But I only got a recorded message. It wasn't until later that I found out he was on Coruscant in some meeting. Then I contacted Scott. I told him I was out of the house and asked if he still wanted to go out. He said of course. We talked for awhile, and set a time and place to meet. Which is later tonight in front of the Naboo zoo. He wants to take me out to dinner but wants it to be a surprise.

After I got done talking to him the ship was there. I picked up my bags and gave them Bell. Holg was aboard and we talked for a few minutes. He let me know how things were on Sky City... same old same old. He told me Zebb was gone away at some meeting. He just.... basically filled me in with what is going on with the resort.

After they left, I hopped in my speeder and went crusing through town. I looked at all the beautful houses, trying to find any for sale. I still want to buy a house here. This place is so beautiful and peaceful, so much like Neptonian.

After awhile I decided to check into a very nice hotel called The Rivers Edge. I got the best suite possible. It has a hot tub IN the room... now that is one I can enjoy. It also has a small bar, like I said it is a very nice hotel.

And that is were I am right now, sitting in the hot tub, drinking Sex On The Beach... very good drink by the way. I needed to relaxe alittle before my date tonight. Which remindes me I better start getting ready.

I will tell you how the date goes later.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Diary Entry Nine, Ten , And Eleven.

Holg here.

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I decided to save Noel's diary entries in my memory banks. But I'm here, to once again tell you some stuff about Noel.

Dear Diary.

Schools.... Okay I guess. Cindy still hangs out with me from time to time. But the other girls.... Just don't seem to like me. I think it may have something to do with me not being a cheerleader. And I still have yet to find a boyfriend.

Jentry says I shouldn't worry so much about boys. And that I have a long time to live to find that perfect guy.

I know she means well.... But when I see the other girls with guys, I feel so left out. I just want to fit in for once.

I also have had this very bad feeling my life here will be short. I have been having bad dreams about the end of Neptonian.

I'm sure it is nothing, it just is kind of freaky.

I just hope things get better over the summer break. Which is coming up in a couple weeks.

Here is another entry.... Half way through summer.

Dear Diary.

This totally sucks.... Cindy is moving.

She is like my only friend I have. And now that she is leaving I will have nobody.

This completely sucks.

Well that's all I have to say..... THIS SUCKS...

One more .... This one is when she goes back to school.

Dear Diary.

The first day of 10th grade really sucked.

The girls who used to be my friend, totally ignore me. I am no longer one of the popular kids.... I'm a loser, or so they say.

Kids can be so mean.

They even called me names.... Mean name at that.

Ohhh I wish I could still be homed schooled.

I think if I just stick to my studies and ignore everyone I will get out of here in one piece.

I hope.

That's it for now.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Playing Tag.

Well Rage tagged me so I figured, since I have nothing really to say right now I'll do it.

Holg has been pretty busy dealing with some droid problems. Don't know what he means by that, but that's what he said to me. I wonder what kind of problems a droid can have? He did say he'll get back to posting some diary entries as soon as he can.

Well here I go with this tag thing.

Four Places You've Lived?
1) Neptonian.
2) Christa .
3) Universe One (My ship I used to get from my Galaxy to this one).
4) Sky City.

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch?
1) Survivor Tatooine.
2) Wild Wild Galaxy.
3) Medical One.
4) Who's Your Boss.

Four Places You've Been On Vacation?
1) Sea Side (A beach on Neptonian).
2) Astro Station (A Space Station that was orbiting Neptonian).
3) Port Rivers (Second largest city on Neptonian).
4) Naboo (For Big Brother)

Four Of Your Favorite Foods?
1) Babble berry Pie.
2) Jon's Omelet (without the pepper).
3) Fried Chicken.
4) Lemon Cheese Cake.

Four Places You'd Rather Be?
1) Home on Sky City.
2) Home on Neptonian (before attack)
3) With Jomb.
4) With Zebb!?!? (Don't ask)

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without?
1) Mad Trash- The Thing I Like About You.
2) Supersonic- Feeling Strangely Fine.
3) Metal Neck-Black.
4) Bond Jovis- Bounce.

Four Vehicles You've Owned?
1) My Neptonian style speeder. Much sleeker and nicer then the ones around here.
2) A Micro Speeder (Had it when I was little.... you know a toy speeder for young ones).
3) Universe One.
4) Lone Star (My personal ship)

Four People To Be Tagged?
I'll be nice and won't tag anyone this time around.