Thursday, November 16, 2006

Moving on.

I sit back on the bed and think about the past month.

Being with Zebb here was amazing. This place is like a dream, everything is so beautiful and perfect. It even takes away all the bad feelings, like pain, anger, and sadness. It then replaces these bad feelings with understanding and joy. Even now I don't feel sadden by Zebbs departure. True there were a few tears when we said our good byes. But now I have accepted it.

He had to move on. It is his way of life and death. He was due to be re-born. Before he left he had told me we would meet again someday. And I would just KNOW it is him. How I will know, I'm not sure. But I did believe him. Now I just sit and wait for Starlena to bring me back. Yes I am going back to the living. She had given me a few more weeks to spend with Zebb. Even though Zebb wanted me to go back right away, I refused. I wanted to spend time with him before he a due to depart. He thought it would be hard on ME to see him go. But actually in a way, it made me happy to know he has moved on to become something, that someday I may see again. It gives me closure and a reason to come back to life myself.

Now I'll just sit here and wait until Starlena comes and gets me. I'm and excited to go back, but I am not looking forward to the pain that comes with it.